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 Topic: help
    condorcet <> Jan 26 01:18PM -0800 ^
    i need these two artricle:
    1) Eric L. Simpson
    Atopic dermatitis: a review of topical treatment options Current
    Research and Opinion 2010 in press
    2) Zaitsu M. The development of asthma in wheezing infants with
    pneumoniae infection.
    J. Asthma 2007; 44:565-568


    FersolMD <> Jan 26 05:18AM -0800 ^
    I got upset because my post on Uptodate was deleted, but I just
    realized the Subject actually was changed...
    1. Download and unzip all the UpToDate files in:
    2. Run SETUP
    3. The Product ID you will be asked is: KB72715 (for desktop
    4. When installation has finished, run the program once and then exit
    (I don't know why but this step worked for me)
    5. Copy the file "dec.dll" in folder "dec" (of unzipped folder) and
    copy it (overwrite it) into the folder wich Uptodate was installed in
    6. Run Uptodate again and voilà ! (actually "voilà" means "I did it
    this way and worked!" :-) )
    Saludos cordiales,


    d domosbian <> Jan 26 10:31AM -0300 ^
    Hola a todos: Estoy necesitando el siguiente artículo:
    Analytical letters 2003, vol. 36, no12, pp. 2699-2711
    Cordiales saludos
    Daniel Domosbian


    "Alfredo Laffue" <> Jan 26 11:49AM -0300 ^
    Quiero leer este articulo
    Alguno me lo consigue!

    Acta Otolaryngol. 2006 Jul;126(7):698-704.
    Persistent geotropic nystagmus--a different kind of cupular pathology and
    its localizing signs.
    Bergenius J, Tomanovic T.



    Valeria Forlizzi <> Jan 26 05:23PM -0300 ^
    Serías tan amable de enviarmelo también, por favor?
    Muchas Gracias
    Sent from Puerto Madero, Argentina


    Vicente Rodriguez <> Jan 26 04:55PM +0100 ^
    Hi guys. I need other articles. Thanks a lot.
    2. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2009 Feb;65(2):199-207. Epub 2008 Sep 21.
    Combined intervention programme reduces inappropriate prescribing in elderly
    patients exposed to polypharmacy in primary care.
    Bregnhøj L, Thirstrup S, Kristensen MB, Bjerrum L, Sonne J.
    3. Drugs Aging. 2008;25(4):307-24.
    A systematic review of interventions to improve medication taking in elderly
    patients prescribed multiple medications.
    George J, Elliott RA, Stewart DC.
    4. Drugs Aging. 2008;25(8):693-706.
    What factors predict potentially inappropriate primary care
    prescribing in older
    people? Analysis of UK primary care patient record database.
    Carey IM, De Wilde S, Harris T, Victor C, Richards N, Hilton SR, Cook DG.


    "gülten sert" <> Jan 26 02:49PM +0200 ^
    *World Health Organization Subcommitee. Uses and interpretation of
    anthropometry in the elderly fort he assesment of physical status. J. Nutr
    Heath Aging 1998;2:5.17*


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