Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TheStockAdvisors Daily Digest, May 11

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ETF expert bets on Canada's comeback

by Mark Salzinger, editor The ETF Report

Mark SalzingerThe Canadian economy has rebounded from global recession faster than the U.S. economy, owing to its substantial natural-resource reserves, relatively stronger banks and milder and faster-recovering unemployment.

We are adding iShares MSCI Canada (NYSE: EWC) to our ETF Foreign Picks speculative grouping this month, and detail that nation's strong economic and market fundamentals below.

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Israel's Shamir Optical: Visionary value?

by Carla Pasternak, editor High Yield International

Carla  PasternakSince I first spotted Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHMR) in my newsletter in February, the stock has surged a remarkable +20%; but the shares are still attractively valued and carry a juicy 6% yield.

The Israel-based company makes lenses for eye glasses, focusing on progressive lenses (also called no-line bifocals). It sells finished lenses directly to opticians and provides design services to other lens manufacturers.

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Rio Novo: Junior miner 'gets it right'

by Brien Lundin, editor The Gold Newsletter

Brien LundinI look at a lot of new gold plays in the junior mining sector. The chances of many of these new deals developing into real deals are slim at best.

But every now and then a group gets everything right - timing, properties, know-how, financing, the works. Rio Novo Gold (Toronto: RN) is one those deals.

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Where's the market going?

Bull and bearIn the wake of this week's volatility, a number of leading financial newsletter advisors have issued comments addressing the market action and have highlighted select investment opportunities.

Here, we look at some updates from several of our favorite advisors: Elliott Gue, Richard Moroney, Nicholas Vardy, Keith Fitz-Gerald, and Mike Cintolo.

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Dividend Detective uncovers buys in sell-off

by Harry Domash, editor Dividend Detective

Harry Domash
Dividend stocks didn't escape last week's carnage. All of our portfolios took their lumps.

Although we can't predict what the market will do next week, or even next month, we see buying opportunities galore for investors patient enough to wait out short-term volatility. Here are a few examples.

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Jim Stack on stocks: Still bullish

by Jim Stack, InvesTech Market Analyst

Jim StackFinancial uncertainty creates nervous investors.  And high levels of nervousness create overreaction or even outright panic.  A lot of today's volatility was trader-induced panic. We think it was a response to perceived goblins rather than credible smoke, let alone fire.

What I care about is whether or not the blocks are still in place for a sustainable bull market and safe profits.

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