Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[socialactionfoundationforequity:2878 YES 2 GIPA DESK NOW: URGENT CALL for INDIAN PLHIV

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If you agree that UNAIDS should establish a GIPA 'Desk' at UNAIDS
India Country Office, please 'sign-on' by:

SMS: 09971043320 Please 'sign-on' with the text "YES 2 GIPA DESK


PLHIV Act Now: Your 'voice' can then be brought to the PCB Board
Meeting on 21 June for consideration, delivered by Civil Society

One little SMS text message or email can make a big difference, and
we'll keep you posted regularly on the progress of this demand for
GIPA in practice. Send "YES 2 GIPA DESK NOW" to 09971043320

In solidarity,

Snehansu Bhaduri
Celina Menezes D`Costa
Tarit Chakraborty
Jiban Brambha,
Kausik Das
Samir Naskar

YES 2 GIPA DESK NOW. The campaign.

UNAIDS is a model of good governance within the UN 'Family' (WHO,
UNAIDS, ILO, UNDP, etc.) in encouraging civil society involvement and
welcoming the NGO Delegation to the Board (PCB). UNAIDS has also been
in the lead in promoting GIPA, the Greater Involvement of People
Living with HIV/AIDS, and has encouraged governments and the private
sector to practice this important policy. (

However, promoting and practicing seems to be two different things.
UNAIDS does not have any country level GIPA coordinators or PLHIV
engaged to promote and oversee the practice of this policy. Although
UNAIDS Head Quarter in Geneva has a small number of PLHIV working on
different issues, 'in-country' there is no one from the community
living with HIV engaged by UNAIDS to turn the words of Geneva into
realities on the ground.

Every UNAIDS Country Office must establish a 'GIPA Facilitator Desk',
with resources to carry out the job, for a PLHIV trained to
coordinate, advance and mainstream GIPA across the public and private
sectors. Every UNAIDS Country Office should work with the community to
develop the terms of reference for this focal point position, and as
GIPA Policy states, allow greater involvement of PLHIV Community in
designing the job description, work-plan, selection or election of the
PLHIV, and oversight of the performance of the 'GIPA Facilitator'. The
person should be accountable to both UNAIDS and the Community of
PLHIV, and transparent for all.

This demand for GIPA 'Facilitators' should be on the agenda at the
upcoming 26th PCB meeting in Geneva the 22-24 June. Although there are
financial implications, the cost is negligible compared with the
recognized gains for country programs that GIPA best practices brings.
A decision by the PCB to establish GIPA 'Facilitators' at each UNAIDS
country offices in the coming months will add value to UNAIDS as an
innovative model for the rest of the UN system, and a global leader in
practicing what they preach.



Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. - Mohandas Gandhi

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