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January 11, 2010

Top Headlines

CBI takes charge of Ruchika molestation, death probe
The CBI took over the probe against ex-Haryana DGP Rathore, convicted of molesting Ruchika Girhotra in 1990, for abetting her suicide and harassing her family members.

BJP threatens legal action against Gowda for abusive language
Karnataka BJP unit has demanded an unconditional apology from ex-PM Deve Gowda and threatened to drag him to court for calling CM Yeddyurappa a 'bloody bastard'.

Players continue strike, Hockey India threatens suspension
Hockey India president A K Mattoo said the option of suspending the revolting players remains open if the row over payment of dues is not resolved.


Abuses hurled at separatist leader Yasin Malik at Indo-Pak peace meet
As soon as Malik rose to address the meet in Delhi, some Kashmiri pandits stood up, saying he should not be allowed to speak and hurled abuses at him.

Fire near IOC's Guwahati Refinery
A devastating fire broke out near the Indian Oil Corporation's Guwahati Refinery. Several houses were gutted though there was no report of any casualty or injury.


Centre blames Uttar Pradesh for high sugar prices
With sugar almost touching Rs 50 per kg - more than double the level in January '09 - Centre blamed UP govt for high prices, but didn't say by when prices would cool down.

Rupee at 15-month high, gains 37 paise against dollar
At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the rupee appreciated by 37 paise to 45.38 a dollar, the highest since September 2008.


Eric Simons appointed as India's bowling consultant
The BCCI appointed Eric Simons as Indian team's bowling consultant for 2 Tests against B'desh and subsequent home series against South Africa.

Sania Mirza crashes out of Hobart WTA
Sania Mirza's preparation for the Australian Open suffered a setback as she crashed out of the WTA Hobart International after losing first round match.


Cruise is 'World's Sexiest Short Man'
The 'Mission Impossible' star, who stands 5ft 7in, pushed Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond to the second spot in the survey of 2,000 women, reports the Sun.

3 Idiots spat becomes lesson for others
Director Ashwni Dhir, whose movie is inspired by satirist late Sharad Joshi's Tum Kab Jaaoge Atithi, said he will be mentioning author's name in opening credits itself.


16 jobs where salaries will decline in 2010
According to Robert Half Technology annual salary guide, certain IT jobs may see a decline in salaries in 2010.

Strong deal pipeline to boost IT Q2
Major IT firms are expected to post up to 5% growth in dollar term revenues in second quarter of the fiscal, riding on the back of improved business demand and deal flow.


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TESTfunda Daily Wordlist 11-Jan-10

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Daily WordlistPrevious Wordlists
dinghy [ DING-gee ]
 noun ]
 1. any small boat for use as a tender or lifeboat
2. an inflatable life raft
3. a small rowing or sailing boat
 They rowed the dinghy to the centre of the lake to do their fishing.
 On March 22, 2008, Brian Lewis, 50, scuttled the Jubilee in the Puget Sound Bay, then rowed a borrowed dinghy back to shore, according to court documents filed in February by prosecutors in King County, Washington.
CNN, Seattle man accused of sinking his own yacht, Mayra Cuevas-Nazario, 22 February 2009.
larder [ LAHR-der ]
 noun ]
 1. a place where food is stored
2. a supply of food
 They survived the winter because of the well stocked larder.
 The winter has indeed passed but the larder which was stocked up last autumn would, come May, have been close to empty.
BBC, NOT a Manx tradition, 23 december 2009.
decimate [ DES-uh'-meyt ]
 transitive verb ]
 1. to destroy a large proportion of
2. to kill every tenth person of a group
3. to cause great damage or destruction to
 The population on the island was decimated by a contagious disease.
 Worldwide nuclear fallout would decimate forests and sea life, and the "roar of a wave" is probably the sound of the bomb itself.
BBC, Dylan song adopted by climate summit: Your views, 5 December 2009.
garbled [ gahr-buh'l-d ]
 adjective ]
 1. distorted to such an extent so as to be misleading
2. scrambled or incomprehensible
 A garbled statement was all the victim was capable of due to the extreme trauma that he had suffered.
 The trouble with Some Sort Of Beautiful was the technique was used to such extreme effect that much of the play seemed garbled, stilted and confusing.
BBC, Oxford Stage - Some Sort Of Beautiful, 26 February 2005
quietude [ KWAHY-i-tood ]
 noun ]
 1. the state of being calm and quiet
2. tranquillity
 The quietude that suddenly descended upon the valley was a premonition that something weird was about to happen.
 I find in the quietude of still life objects complicity with the endlessly patient processes of carving.
BBC, 'Still Life: Sculptures by Fred Watson', 30 December 2009.
Spelled Pronunciation Key
Stress marks: [ CAPS ] indicates the primary stressed syllable, as in newspaper [NOOZ-pey-per ] and information [ in-fer-MEY-shuh' n ]
[b] boy, baby, rob
[d] do, ladder, bed
[f] food, offer, safe
[g] get, bigger, dog
[h] happy, ahead
[j] jump, budget, age
[k] can, speaker, stick
[l] let, follow, still
[m] make, summer, time
[n] no, dinner, thin
[ng] singer, think, long
[p] put, apple, cup
[r] run, marry, far, store
[s] sit, city, passing, face
[sh] she, station, push
[t] top, better, cat
[ch] church, watching, nature, witch
[th] thirsty, nothing, math
[th'] this, mother, breathe
[v] very, seven, love
[w] wear, away
[hw] where, somewhat
[y] yes, onion
[z] zoo, easy, buzz
[zh] measure, television, beige
[a] apple, can, hat
[ey] aid, hate, day
[ah] arm, father, aha
[air] air, careful, wear
[aw] all, or, talk, lost, saw
[e] ever, head, get
[ee] eat, see, need
[eer] ear, hero, beer
[er] teacher, afterward, murderer
[i] it, big, finishes
[ahy] I, ice, hide, deny
[o] odd, hot, woffle
[oh] owe, road, below
[oo] ooze, food, soup, sue
[oo'] good, book, put
[oi] oil, choice, toy
[ou] out, loud, how
[uh] up, mother, mud
[uh'] about, animal, problem, circus
[ur] early, bird, stirring
[a*] Fr. ami
[kh*] Scot. loch, Ger. ach or ich
[œ] Fr. feu, Ger. schön
[r*] Fr. au revoir, Yiddish rebbe
[uh*] Fr. oeuvre
[y*] Fr. tu, Ger. über
[an*] Fr. bien
[ahn*] Fr. croissant
[awn*] Fr. bon
[œn*] Fr. parfum
[in*] Port. Principe
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