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TOPIC: "relief for swollen feet"?

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Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 1:25 am
From: drmofe

On Jan 20, 6:22 pm, thirty-six <> wrote:
> What is it, brandy, vinegar, oil, menthol?

I usually ring up h squared when I need foot relief


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Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 3:00 am
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TOPIC: It is impossible to break a Campagnolo crankarm !

== 1 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 5:10 am
From: Cicero Venatio

Anton Berlin wrote:
> Commissioner Gordon is here with me -
> We had to put out the Jobst Signal so that Jobst would weigh in to RBR/
> T and let us know how he's doing.
> It usually only takes a little bit of time before someone will notify
> Jobst and he'll be here to let us know where stress risers can be
> found and how he's doing so we can put an end to all of this silly
> speculation.

Everyone here has personal story, so here is mine. I got into a
spectacular crash one time, and slammed into a curb with my head (yes I
was wearing a helmet), and it knocked me out. People who were riding
with me, had to tell me what happened, as 30 seconds were completely
erased from my memory. So if Jobst was riding alone, we may never know
what happened, including him.

== 2 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:16 am
From: Anton Berlin

On Jan 19, 8:59 pm, Dan O <> wrote:
> On Jan 19, 4:00 pm, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> > Commissioner Gordon is here with me -
> > We had to put out the Jobst Signal so that Jobst would weigh in to RBR/
> > T and let us know how he's doing.
> > It usually only takes a little bit of time before someone will notify
> > Jobst and he'll be here to let us know where stress risers can be
> > found and how he's doing so we can put an end to all of this silly
> > speculation.
> Nice try, but nothing is impossible.

Of course you can break a Campy crankarm - it's just a method that
normally brings Jobst into the message boards in case he's lurking.

C;mon Jobst we want to know how you are.

TOPIC: You pompous, stuck-up, snot-nosed, giant twerp, scumbag, fuck-face,
dickhead, asshole,

== 1 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 5:32 am
From: ""

On Jan 18, 10:57 pm, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> Or like the typical American with his head up his ass?

Ohhh! I had fogotten about that.

== 2 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 5:48 am
From: ""

On Jan 19, 7:22 am, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> On a serious note - not that Lance ever took anything from me - simple
> math says that he undoped would beat me doped.  But at one point I was
> a serious athlete and I like the idea of a level playing field and I
> like to see cheaters exposed, caught and punished.
> It's the moral sense in me for lack of a better term - something most
> humans have.  Yeah yeah - karmically I know it all works out in the
> end and there's no need to worry but I am certain that unlike most
> pain / pleasure equations I get a smug pleasure from seeing this and
> really don't care if he skates free.   So it's all gravy for me.

Many years ago I was watching some of the Olympic track events. I
think it was in 88. I remember in the pursuit events, the weaker
countries would race first. You'd see guys from central america on
regular columbus lugged track bikes with a pair of 32 spoked wheels, a
ragular pair of shorts, a national team jersey a helmet and laced up

Towards the end, it was the Americans, Soviets and East Germans. The
athletes looked like characters of some science fiction movies. They
wore this shiny uniforms and sleek helmets, seamless shoes attached to
the bikes and they rode this contraptions with the only relation to
what I considered a bike were two wheels.

Don't know if they took drugs or not. However, that was an unfair
advantage and not a level playing field. Aside to access to the most
sophisticated training and nutrition, those athletes from top
countries had bikes that cost more than the GNP of some of the
countries that they were competing against.

In pro cycling, they all have access to the same equipment and

== 3 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 6:11 am
From: ""

On Jan 19, 1:13 pm, Fredmaster of Brainerd <> wrote:
> On Jan 19, 1:18 am, Zenon <> wrote:
> > .
> > .
> > I agree 100% with this in-depth analysis.  If you robbed a bank, and
> > then you started a foundation (i.e., the Anton Berlin Foundation) to
> > help cancer victims, is that ethically acceptable?  Let me know when
> > you have that figured out.  Thanks.  You're the best.
> > .
> Don't bankers do this all the time?  Like Michael
> Milken, he has a prostate cancer foundation.
> Fredmaster Ben

== 4 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 6:34 am
From: thirty-six

On Jan 20, 1:48 pm, "" <> wrote:
> On Jan 19, 7:22 am, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> > On a serious note - not that Lance ever took anything from me - simple
> > math says that he undoped would beat me doped.  But at one point I was
> > a serious athlete and I like the idea of a level playing field and I
> > like to see cheaters exposed, caught and punished.
> > It's the moral sense in me for lack of a better term - something most
> > humans have.  Yeah yeah - karmically I know it all works out in the
> > end and there's no need to worry but I am certain that unlike most
> > pain / pleasure equations I get a smug pleasure from seeing this and
> > really don't care if he skates free.   So it's all gravy for me.
> Many years ago I was watching some of the Olympic track events. I
> think it was in 88. I remember in the pursuit events, the weaker
> countries would race first. You'd see guys from central america on
> regular columbus lugged track bikes with a pair of 32 spoked wheels, a
> ragular pair of shorts, a national team jersey a helmet and  laced up
> shoes.
> Towards the end, it was the Americans, Soviets and East Germans. The
> athletes looked like characters of some science fiction movies. They
> wore this shiny uniforms and sleek helmets, seamless shoes attached to
> the bikes and they rode this contraptions with the only relation to
> what I considered a bike were two wheels.
> Don't know if they took drugs or not.

With that dress sense?
> However, that was an unfair
> advantage and not a level playing field. Aside to access to the most
> sophisticated training and nutrition, those athletes from top
> countries had bikes that cost more than the GNP of some of the
> countries that they were competing against.

Most of the "technological" advance was psychological, a positive to
the riders that had them and a weapon against those that didn't. It
probably also helped convince the lesser nations that the big guns had
better vitamins and experience in using them, as well as full
organisational support behind the team (probably the biggest
> In pro cycling, they all have access to the same equipment and
> poisons.

== 5 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:30 am
From: Anton Berlin

On Jan 20, 7:48 am, "" <> wrote:
> On Jan 19, 7:22 am, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> > On a serious note - not that Lance ever took anything from me - simple
> > math says that he undoped would beat me doped.  But at one point I was
> > a serious athlete and I like the idea of a level playing field and I
> > like to see cheaters exposed, caught and punished.
> > It's the moral sense in me for lack of a better term - something most
> > humans have.  Yeah yeah - karmically I know it all works out in the
> > end and there's no need to worry but I am certain that unlike most
> > pain / pleasure equations I get a smug pleasure from seeing this and
> > really don't care if he skates free.   So it's all gravy for me.
> Many years ago I was watching some of the Olympic track events. I
> think it was in 88. I remember in the pursuit events, the weaker
> countries would race first. You'd see guys from central america on
> regular columbus lugged track bikes with a pair of 32 spoked wheels, a
> ragular pair of shorts, a national team jersey a helmet and  laced up
> shoes.
> Towards the end, it was the Americans, Soviets and East Germans. The
> athletes looked like characters of some science fiction movies. They
> wore this shiny uniforms and sleek helmets, seamless shoes attached to
> the bikes and they rode this contraptions with the only relation to
> what I considered a bike were two wheels.
> Don't know if they took drugs or not. However, that was an unfair
> advantage and not a level playing field. Aside to access to the most
> sophisticated training and nutrition, those athletes from top
> countries had bikes that cost more than the GNP of some of the
> countries that they were competing against.
> In pro cycling, they all have access to the same equipment and
> poisons.

Agreed - even though I've benefited from better equipment - I
justified it as the time I spent earning something was the time my
competition trained so it was level - this may or not may be the
reality. But I agree with Tilford and the changes made in the hour

We should all start racing the same basic bicycle,

== 6 of 6 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:45 am
From: RicodJour

On Jan 20, 10:30 am, Anton Berlin <> wrote:
> We should all start racing the same basic bicycle,

A noble thought and unfortunately one which the sponsors would kill in
a heartbeat, but if it was good enough for Dave Stoller it should be
good enough for anyone.


TOPIC: Lance Saves Flood Victims

== 1 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 6:03 am
From: "Peter Howard"

Zenon wrote:
> How much money is Lance giving to the Australian flood victims? Cure
> that bitch.

$50,000 of his own money.

Last Saturday the 15th he attracted many thousands of cyclists to an Adelaide
Twitter ride and urged them all to unchain their wallets in aid of the flood
relief fund.
He and Queenslander Robbie McEwen have hatched a plan to jointly host another
Twitter ride in Brisbane next Monday, the day after the TDU finishes. Starts
11am at the RNA Showgrounds.

How much did you give?

== 2 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:14 am
From: Anton Berlin

Lance better save his money for attorneys and appeals. He's going to
need it.

TOPIC: Will Popo Ever Return to the US?

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:12 am
From: BLafferty

On 1/19/2011 10:32 PM, Fred Fredburger wrote:
> On 1/19/2011 2:12 PM, BLafferty wrote:
>> Probably not. Can Popo say "perjury?"
> Lying to Cycling News constitutes perjury?
Lying to a Federal Grand Jury is perjury, FuckTard.

TOPIC: Latest on Jobst is doing fine and the original poster was talking out
of his ass

== 1 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:25 am
From: Anton Berlin

> No, it's not "classier". A guy is decent enough to pass on what
> information he has about the beloved old curmudgeon, and you assholes
> jump him about his choice of words. This is a really fucked up place.

It is a fucked up place especially if people we know and have in part
inspired our cycling/touring dreams is "slipping'

Jobst has been an inspiration to me and many others. I can't take a
photo of me, my bike and a sign marking a mountain pass top without
thinking of Jobst - and it will always be that way.

So fuck you when I get a little serious when someone tells me that
someone important to me is 'slipping'

(and as far as decent it smacked more of wanting to be the first to
post the bad news and sensationalism more than decency )

== 2 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:28 am
From: Cicero Venatio

> Jesus Fucking Christ. He broke his leg! Meanwhile, racer Amber Halliday,
> who was wearing a helmet, is in the ICU with head trauma.
So let me get this straight, Amber and Jobst were riding together and
now they are both in the hospital?

TOPIC: Who's the Uniballer's Friend at Baxter?

== 1 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:27 am
From: BLafferty

To quote a friend who emailed me, it turns out that the drug was intended to
" severe blood-loss trauma patients survive, but it had
incredible oxygen vector characteristics. A "Super-booster" for an
athlete. Baxter (the manufacturer) never angled it that way, as it had
no legitimate medical application for that use. Armstrong found out
about it from a friend at Baxter and arranged to secure a large portion
of the supply after it failed its clinical trials and was rejected.
Armstrong needed medical help to figure out how to best apply it, and he
brought in Ferarri. Apparently this drug was responsible for many of his
'superhuman' efforts."
It's not clear to me from what I've read in the Boulder Report whether
HemAssist was actually responsible for Lance's superhuman efforts but I
do believe that an athlete like Lance (and others mentioned in the
Boulder Report who appear to have attempted to use similar products
including Michael Rasmussen) would want to get their hands on it if they
believed it could boost their performance beyond the ability of blood
doping or EPO.

== 2 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:48 am
From: RicodJour

On Jan 20, 10:27 am, BLafferty <> wrote:
> To quote a friend

Never start a post with a lie.


== 3 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 8:18 am
From: "William R. Mattil"

On 1/20/2011 9:27 AM, BLafferty wrote:
> To quote a friend who emailed me,

Drivel snipped

This is an obvious Lie. You have no friends. You therefore should vacate
your domicile and leave the country before being convicted of perjury by rbr



William R. Mattil

== 4 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 8:54 am
From: RicodJour

On Jan 20, 11:18 am, "William R. Mattil" <>
> On 1/20/2011 9:27 AM, BLafferty wrote:
> > To quote a friend who emailed me,
> Drivel snipped
> This is an obvious Lie. You have no friends. You therefore should vacate
> your domicile and leave the country before being convicted of perjury by rbr

Back up there a second, ol hoss. I thought we executed THEN


== 5 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 9:27 am
From: Choppy Warburton

Baxter will help uncover the employee and a test that will be used on
all of Lance's old blood.

But the question is - if Hemassit worked why the positive 1999 EPO
tests? Wouldn't you keep using the 'good stuff' ?

Or is it a case of lost efficacy and needing to go back and forth
between the two like a famer does with crops. ?

Lance Armstrong Investigation: What the SI Article Tells Us

Now that the full version of the SI article is out, it looks like we
had the most significant news in yesterday's synopsis. Although much
of what SI wrote about is old news, they did give a lot of new details
that we didn't have before. In addition, at least one new item from
the article is a potential bomb shell for Lance in terms of the
Novitzky investigation: the HemAssist issue. Here is why...

I've done some reading about HemAssist and found a very interesting
commentary on it in reading's "Boulder Report." The
commentary explains that HemAssist was thought to be a super drug for
an endurance athlete--even better than EPO or blood doping. HemAssist
was designed and claimed to add hemoglobin to a person's blood supply
in a way that increased both the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
and make the oxygen more quickly accessible relative to human blood.
Basically, more oxygen delivered to the muscles means less fatigue at
higher power outputs.

HemAssist was being tested as an aid for trauma patients who lost
blood but it was believed to have these properties for athletes as
well. Bottom line: if using EPO is like adding a turbo charger then
HemAssist would be like adding a dual turbo or even more as is in the
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which uses four turbos! Importantly, there
were (are) no drug tests for HemAssist; it's a greedy Tour de France
contender's dream!!

In the Boulder Report, Joe Lindsay also explains why Lance's alleged
acquisition and use of HemAssist is of interest to Jeffrey Novitzky.
Lance and his attorney, Mark Fabiani, claim that the FDA is wasting
taxpayer money looking into some old bike races held on foreign soil.
Conventional wisdom was that the FDA was interested because Lance had
federal funding from US Postal and doping would constitute fraud. Then
we learned that Novitzky may have been looking at the drug chain where
legalized drugs such as EPO were being distributed illegally. However,
Joe Lindsay has another and, in my view, very compelling response to
someone who asks: Why should the FDA care about Lance's Tour de France
wins? Here is his response:

(B)ecause one of the most famous sportsmen of the last half-
century stands accused of buying stocks of a tightly controlled
investigational drug – manufactured by an American pharmaceutical
company and intended for use only in clinical trial settings under the
regulation of the FDA or its European counterparts and which is
illegal to use for any other purpose, or even for a private citizen to
possess, much less transport internationally – to pull off a
monumental sporting fraud. I think that subject is well within the
FDA's investigatory wheelhouse. And I eagerly await Fabiani and
Armstrong's explanation for why it's not.

Again, why would Lance have wanted HemAssist? To quote a friend who
emailed me, it turns out that the drug was intended to

" severe blood-loss trauma patients survive, but it had
incredible oxygen vector characteristics. A "Super-booster" for an
athlete. Baxter (the manufacturer) never angled it that way, as it
had no legitimate medical application for that use. Armstrong found
out about it from a friend at Baxter and arranged to secure a large
portion of the supply after it failed its clinical trials and was
rejected. Armstrong needed medical help to figure out how to best
apply it, and he brought in Ferarri. Apparently this drug was
responsible for many of his 'superhuman' efforts."

It's not clear to me from what I've read in the Boulder Report whether
HemAssist was actually responsible for Lance's superhuman efforts but
I do believe that an athlete like Lance (and others mentioned in the
Boulder Report who appear to have attempted to use similar products
including Michael Rasmussen) would want to get their hands on it if
they believed it could boost their performance beyond the ability of
blood doping or EPO.

Even after we discover all that Novitzky has been up to during the
past year, Lance may be the only one who ever knows whether it was
HemAssist that allowed him to drop his rivals on climbs such as L'Alpe
d'Huez and beat the best dopers in the individual time trials or
not...In any case, we now know more about why Novitzky and his team is
not going to give up easily and will be a very difficult adversary for
Lance and his gold plated PR and legal team...

== 6 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 9:35 am
From: Brad Anders

Should be straightforward for the Feds to identify this "friend of
Lance's at Baxter" and get him/her to testify against Lance in
exchange for immunity. Details from this insider on the drugs he/she
personally supplied Lance should be the proverbial "smoking gun" or
"nail in the coffin" that everyone has been waiting for. You would
really have to start to wonder what's going on if that person is never
identified, wouldn't you?

== 7 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 9:42 am
From: Fred

On Jan 20, 10:35 am, Brad Anders <> wrote:
> Should be straightforward for the Feds to identify this "friend of
> Lance's at Baxter" and get him/her to testify against Lance in
> exchange for immunity. Details from this insider on the drugs he/she
> personally supplied Lance should be the proverbial "smoking gun" or
> "nail in the coffin" that everyone has been waiting for. You would
> really have to start to wonder what's going on if that person is never
> identified, wouldn't you?

The Clintons had him killed. You'll never find the body.


== 8 of 8 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 10:07 am
From: BLafferty

On 1/20/2011 12:35 PM, Brad Anders wrote:
> Should be straightforward for the Feds to identify this "friend of
> Lance's at Baxter" and get him/her to testify against Lance in
> exchange for immunity. Details from this insider on the drugs he/she
> personally supplied Lance should be the proverbial "smoking gun" or
> "nail in the coffin" that everyone has been waiting for. You would
> really have to start to wonder what's going on if that person is never
> identified, wouldn't you?

I agree. It should be easy enough to inventory the supply, find out who
had access and provide a link, phone, text, email to Armstrong. I would
expect that to be set out at least in part in an indictment. The detail
might have to await a Bill of Particulars during criminal discovery.

TOPIC: Carla Swart killed on training ride.

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Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 7:38 am
From: Cicero Venatio

I've made this mistake myself, screwing around with the computer and not
paying attention.


TOPIC: Meanwhile, in the Contador case...

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 9:55 am
From: Brad Anders

He's going to be cleared, McQuaid knows it's coming. It was the dope
steak from those unethical cattle ranchers that was responsible.
Filthy bastards.

TOPIC: Landis Calls for Legalised Doping

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Thurs, Jan 20 2011 10:09 am
From: Brad Anders

Did we chew this over? Must have missed it.

IMO, sport needs to get out of the dope testing racket. Testing cannot
assure a "clean" sport. Instead, move to a model where you monitor
basic physiological parameters such as blood hematocrit, and establish
"healthy" limits (e.g. the "50% rule"). Better yet, establish profiles
similar to the blood passport concept. If you go outside of those
limits, you're "unhealthy" and have to sit out for X months, and can't
return until you are shown to be "healthy" again. No appeals, no
questions, you're outside, you're out as specified. No 2-year or
lifetime bans that stimulate the market for expensive and lengthy
litigation and the suspension of race results for months/years.

A more workable model would probably be a hybrid approach, where some
baseline testing for steroids, testosterone, and amphetemines is
combined with the "healthy/not healthy" approach. People will still be
able to abuse such drugs if they manage their protocols carefully, but
they won't be able to blatantly use without risk of detection. If
"healthy/not healthy" indicators for these types of drugs exist or can
be developed, then in time they can replace the raw testing approach.


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