Friday, April 22, 2011

Foreign CC Requirements - W6587070

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Dear Customer:



Thank you for placing your recent order W6587070 on our website (



Based on the provided information, we encountered limitations with your financial institution in processing your order therefore we are unable to process your order for shipment at this time. It is the policy of our company to verify and confirm all aspects of orders. Transactions placed involving any of the following criteria involve additional verifications:


•        On credit/debit cards not issued in the United States

•        Clients who are not located in the United States

•        Are not present at the delivery location


We would appreciate your earliest response by completing the attached form. Based on satisfactory documentation received your order will be resubmitted.

Thank you for your continuing interest in MACMALL and we look forward to proceeding with your order. Should you have any other questions or need for further clarification, please feel free to call.


Our phone lines are open  Monday to Sunday from 6am to 7pm, Pacific Time. Please call us at 1.800.682.1042.


Upon contact with our credit representative, please identify yourself by providing your order number. Our fax number is 310-630-5094.


Your cooperation is appreciated.






Credit Card Processing Department




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