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* Mike J. OT (or not, like I can tell anymore) - 2 messages, 2 authors
* 2-year Doping Ban for Longo? - 1 messages, 1 author
* 2012 Tour ranking - 1 messages, 1 author
* If you're Danish and your name is Rasmussen... - 1 messages, 1 author

TOPIC: Mike J. OT (or not, like I can tell anymore)

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Date: Wed, Sep 14 2011 10:31 pm
From: "Mike Jacoubowsky"

"RicodJour" <> wrote in message
>I am curious about how the bike industry is handling (or not) the huge
> wave of Chinese knockoffs. The stuff has been flooding eBay at
> ridiculously low prices, exact replicas, logos and all. I ran across
> this recently:
> I think it's safe to assume that Giant wouldn't spell the company name
> 'Giart' and bicycle 'Boycle'...right? At least the counterfeiters got
> the 'All rights reserved' part right!
> I called up Topeak a while back to notify them of some knockoffs on
> eBay (with only a slight impetus from the hope they'd send me
> something for free - didn't happen), and the rep didn't seem concerned
> about it at all. So what's the deal? Are the bike companies just
> throwing up their hands?
> R

A typical company "rep" may not care. They're working hard to try and
meet each month's quotas and not get fired, so their allegiance to the
company, in terms of the big picture, is often weak. It's not that they
don't care. It's more simple than that. They don't care. That's a pretty
broad brush and doesn't apply to many reps, and there are certainly reps
who would see that their own ability to meet their numbers is being
undermined by counterfeit goods or even quality problems with their own

Beyond that, US companies are often in a bit of a quandy because they've
become dependent upon China for manufacturing and have had to make
compromises to deal with a world in which intellectual property rights
aren't held in very high regard. Witness the many fake Apple stores in

Even domestically things can get weird due to incestuous relationships
between companies.

I am curious about the story behind that tag though.

(Sorry for the delay in replying; I was in Las Vegas for the trade

--Mike-- Chain Reaction Bicycles

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Date: Thurs, Sep 15 2011 5:08 pm
From: Anton Berlin

You shaved your chest into Batman logo ?!

Holy dork nerds Robin Jour !

TOPIC: 2-year Doping Ban for Longo?

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Date: Thurs, Sep 15 2011 2:55 am
From: Davey Crockett

Phil H a écrit profondement:

| OK, I looked up her hour record and saw it was on the books. But this
| event was not the one hence your IIRC.
| Thanks for letting us know the correct event. An interesting situation
| and difficult to conclude anything.

She didn't actually hold the "Hour" record until 2000

The record holders
46.065 km/h Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel (NED), October 2003
45.094 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), December 2000
44.767 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), November 2000
43.501 km/h Anna Wilson-Millward (AUS), October 2000

Here are some _Best Performances_
(An _Attempt_ is very expensive - you have to declare it and meet a
whole shiteload of regulations and conditions)

48.159 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), October 1996
47.411 km/h Yvonne McGregor (GBR), June 1995
47.112 km/h Cathérine Marsal (FRA), April 1995
46.352 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), October 1989
44.933 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), September 1987
****************44.770 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), September 1986
43.082 km/h Keetie van Oosten-Hage (NED), September 1978
41.471 km/h Maria Cressari (ITA), November 1972
41.347 km/h Elsy Jacobs (LUX), November 1958

Davey Crockett
Is This Milk Fresh?
Phuck Nose
The "sell-by" date on food packaging is to be removed in Britain

TOPIC: 2012 Tour ranking

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Date: Thurs, Sep 15 2011 5:13 pm
From: Anton Berlin

The giro was far better this year than the other tours.

TOPIC: If you're Danish and your name is Rasmussen...

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Date: Thurs, Sep 15 2011 8:35 pm
From: RicodJour

pick a sport other than cycling. Please!



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