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[socialactionfoundationforequity:14643 No licence needed to run Gurudwara''s community kitchen: court

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No licence needed to run Gurudwara''s community kitchen: court

New Delhi, Dec 22 (PTI) A city court has ordered reopening of a
community kitchen-cum-hall of a South Delhi Sikh temple, saying no
licence is required to run a non-commercial public eatery attached to
a religious body.

Additional Sessions Judge V K Bansal ordered reopening of Sundram
''langar hall'' (community kitchen) of Gurudwara Baba Banda Bahadur in
Mehrauli, setting aside a magisterial court order to close down the
public eatery-cum-congregation hall.

The magisterial court had ordered the closure of the Gurudwara''s
langer after one Desh Raj had pleaded guilty for the alleged offence
of running it without licence.

"I found that according to the position of law as laid down by the
Supreme Court, langer hall is a part of Gurudwara and a langer is run
for needy people, where any devotee or any other person can take food,
for which, he need not to make payment," ASJ Bansal said.

The court ordered reopening of the community kitchen and hall on a
plea by Gurudwara Baba Banda Bahadur Prabandhak Committee, challenging
the magisterial court''s order and contending that Desh Raj had
nothing to do with running of the community kitchen.

The court, agreeing with the argument of the Sikh temple''s managing
panel, said, "Certainly, no license is required for running langer
hall for this purpose."
"It is a langer hall and not an industry, therefore, no license for
its function was required," the panel had said in its plea.

"According to the documents the langer hall was part of Gurudwara and
was being operated by the revisionist (Prabandhak committee). Desh Raj
was not having any concern whatsoever with the langer hall," the judge

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