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Q&A: Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be a better buy than the Droid RAZR for the next couple years?

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What do you think? I know the RAZR is super tough and a great phone. Do you think the Nexus’s Android ICS will be worth it with the large screen (awesome – especially for a big guy like myself), but a supposedly weaker camera? Thanks.

I say both cause they are both getting ICS but go with Nexus cause its A Galaxy!! Also newer so any other updates more likely nexus will get one not razar

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is better than the Motorola Droid Razr. It’s way better in display and hardware and in performance too. If you need bigger better screen, try the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you need Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime or any Android smartphone without contract / unlocked at reasonable price, you can mail me to

Its going to be a preference, if you look at some of the research the screen is bigger but that really is so instead of having hardware buttons for home, back and those others its all software. Which can be hidden during videos and other tasks. There are several interesting things about the Galaxy nexus, it has a 720p resolution screen and a DPI that is higher then the IPhone but is using a different touch screen that is both finger friendly and stylus friendly. Yes it only has a 5mp camera, however that camera is able to shoot 1080p video. A 5mp camera should let you take a picture and have it printed on an 8×10. However, MP aren’t everything a ZERO lag shutter is always nice. you can take a picture basically as fast as you can click the shutter button and has a sweet pamoramic feature. Plus no camera phone has a good zoom, so you could have a 20mp camera and still be out of luck because you could do a digital zoom but that still is nothing compared to an optical zoom of a real camera.

The RAZR will probably include a lot of the same functionality but wont be able to have NFC probably unless they change something and make a battery upgrade. more then likely there will be a setting in ICS that will turn off software buttons for phones with hardware buttons as the software buttons are not really needed.

I think I Read somewhere that Google said if you want something higher then a 5 mp camera or maybe 8mp camera you should just get a real camera. Which again makes sence most things where you would use your phone a 5mp camera is more then enough as long as it has a good lens and optics which the nexus does. I am going nexus just because Im a programmer and would love to play around with the features of the nexus, and of course root it. The NFC is nice but not really used yet. Either phone will be a good phone, The nexus could end up having more bugs because this is brand new OS using LTE. SO bound to be issues with it.

The Galaxy Note would be a great phone since it has over a 5in display but I have not heard that it will be coming to the US. Last I heard it went through FCC but originally there was no plans for a US version. The FCC debut could be nothing more then it getting ready to pop up in Canada.

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I’m deciding on what phone to get, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. I like the Epic but the Nexus seems to be attracting a lot of attention. The Epic seems pretty cool but it’s getting old and the nexus has a little better technology. I need some better advice.

It is attracting that attention because of the wonderful marketing strategy in place. The sole advantage it has over the S2 is the Android Ice Cream OS which packs in some amazing features but Samsung has confirmed that S2 users will be allowed to update to the new OS in the first quarter of 2012 so besides the display (S2 is around ~215 ppi whereas Nexus is at ~315 ppi) which is not a huge difference, S2 is still at the top of the Android hierarchy and well worth the money as compared to the higher priced Nexus!

get the galaxy nexus, it’s one of the best phone in the market with ice cream sandwich 4.0

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