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Sex with a robot – are you game? 

Nirmalya Dutta, May 3, 2012 

In a recent research paper, Michelle Mars and Ian Yeo envision a future where brothels will offer sex-for-hire robots. It really appeared like a very interesting concept and we tried to imagine what it could mean for humanity in general. Here are some things that could happen if the robot-sex dolls do come into being:

A world without AIDS and other STDs

The government of India recently deigned that sex workers were the third highest AIDS risk groups after intravenous drug addicts and MSMs. Imagine how bad the situation will be by 2050. Unless there is a major paradigm shift, AIDS could attain pandemic status. 5% people in sub-Saharan Africa have AIDS. Sub-Saharan Africa gives the perfect example of how quickly it could spread in vulnerable conditions. No disease has ever hit the human race like AIDS and it has been around for barely 60 years.  In 50 years, things could get a lot worse. If robot sex workers do materialise there'd be no transmission of STDs. These robots will be made with bacteria resistant fibre and could be cleaned for human fluids between uses which would prevent transmission of STDs between clients.

It would allow everyone to have sex

All beings have needs and sex robots could finally remove the stigma attached to sex. Sex would just be about sex and not procreation. People who haven't been blessed with the classic mating qualities (height, broad shoulders for men or waist-hip ratio, bosom size for women) can experience the joys that is almost exclusive to a small segment of society lucky to be born with those characteristics.  Sex dolls and other objects are slowly becoming acceptable and the way the world is moving having sex with a robot might even become acceptable to the public at large by 2050.

No more infidelity

Though humans are becoming more casual about sex, the definition of infidelity hasn't really changed. Numerous studies have shown that more than sex it's the emotional connect with another human being that hurts a partner. Thus, robot-sex dolls could usher in an era without infidelity.  

Every position is available

It will allow people to experience sex in a manner that simply wouldn't be feasible with other human beings. Due to various reasons, taboos, stigmas or even lack of athleticism or flexibility attached to several sexual acts or positions people often find it hard to convince their partners physically or otherwise to do certain things. The sex robot will never say no anything and every desire can be fulfilled. In addition, a more advanced, multi-purpose, shape-shifting robot could cater to all sexual orientations and genders. There will be no physical parameters that won't be fulfilled.  In addition, you could finally have sex without any attachment whatsoever.

It could decrease crime against women

An acceptance of sex-robots could seriously deter the crime against women. Millions of women around the world are forced into the sex-trade. One of the many reasons slavery could be abolished, other than rising levels of universal empathy, is because there were machines that could perform tasks that a man couldn't. Indeed if robots could satiate our sexual desires, there is the distinct possibility that the oldest profession could become extinct. Rapes and sex crimes would go down as well. Think of it as prohibition, where alcohol was consumed anyway. People are going to have sex but if say it was easily available and had fewer stigmas involved then people wouldn't have to break the law to get what they wanted.

It could be used as a tool to fight sex addiction

Like various smoking cessation techniques, sex robots could be used to treat sex addicts. While going cold turkey is fine for something like smoking, sex is a different ball-game altogether. The desire to have sex is innate and much harder to fight than smoking. Sex robots could be used for the early 'failures'. In fact, the principle involved is very similar to e-cigarettes.

However, will it really appeal to people? Do you think it could actually work or will it be the final strike that buries humanity? What will it mean for the current family structure? And if it does become accepted how is a human being ever going to compete with a machine? Sex is as much about giving pleasure as it is about getting it and if one doesn't have any expectations to live up to, no partner to crave approval from, it would perhaps diminish the beauty of coitus. We really don't know what the future holds but I have a feeling sex is one domain that will remain all natural

Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. - Mohandas Gandhi
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