Monday, June 25, 2012

John, PipJet Goes Live Tomorrow!

Buzz It

Hey, John

If you weren't online yesterday then you missed the most amazing FX
proof that you'll ever see!

Not just proof though, you also missed out on the FIRST TIME EVER
that an FX developer has FULLY disclosed the strategy and
methodology (two very closely guarded secrets) of their brand new

Which robot? I am of course referring to the VERY highly anticipated

This is now the #1 FX Bot in the world!

See what you missed right here:

Yesterday the Megadroid team released the keys to FIVE different LIVE
trading accounts, all verified AND with Video commentary.

The performance of PipJet is just absolutely incredible - you've never
seen equity curves this smooth!

The accuracy of this bot is simply unparalleled.

On just two out of the five live accounts you'll see

$1,000 turned into $18,000


$1,000 turned into $35,000!

It's right here:

Today is the last day that you're going to be able to get your hands on
the currency report AND see the live accounts AND watch the strategy
disclosure video.

If you didn't manage to get through everything yesterday, then it is of
vital importance that you get down there right now and pick up this

Go here:

Why is today the last day you can get this information?

Because tomorrow on the 26th of June (Tuesday) - PIPJET GOES

That's right, in less than 24hrs the wait will be over and you will have
access to the #1 FX BOT in the WORLD!

Don't be late, opportunities like this are few and far between, make sure
you watch out for my email tomorrow!

All the best

Martin Alexander
and the Forex Auto-Scalper team

P.S. Remember, tomorrow 9am EST (Tuesday the 26th) PIPJET goes
LIVE! The Megadroid Team has promised to show us something even
more spectacular tomorrow!

P.P.S. Don't forget, you can still see any of the information you missed
in the last few days right here:
















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