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John, The World's New #1 EA IS PIPJET! Get It Here!

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Hey, John

Today is the BIG DAY! PipJet is out NOW! Get it right here:


After 3 years we're finally getting to unveil the most BRUTAL
USD/CAD scalper in the world!

Why is everyone so excited about PipJet?

PipJet is the only robot in existence that trades our own four pronged
attack that rips out pips from the market faster and safer than anything
else ever created!

Let's explain:

1. Trading the USD/CAD
2. Why Use PipJet?
3. Who Are We?

1. Trading the USD/CAD

1. Tick Volume! Maybe you don't know what that is exactly. Basically
it's the amount of movement on a chart. If there's movement, you can
trade it.

If it's stagnant you can't. People like trading things with a lot of volatility
because they can catch the big moves and make big money.

The tick volume on the USD/CAD is now at an all time high! It's up to
an average of 4,324 and it was just 244 three years ago!


2. The average range! This has decreased from 69.23 pips to only 27
pips in the last year. Why is this good? All of the volume that we
mentioned in point number one is nicely contained inside one particular

We're not looking for huge big moves …the kind that you don't know
where they're going to end. They're in a particular channel, and that
decreases risk considerably. It allows us to operate with smaller stops!

You don't have to take wild chances and gamble like most traders do!


3. The spread on the USD/CAD has gone down from 5.1 to 1.8 pips!
Everyone who trades knows what a spread is. The smaller the better…
especially because PipJet is a scalper!

4. This is actually the most important factor that makes everything else
possible. The economic relationship between the US and Canada is a
symbiotic one.

There are no wild spikes on the pair during news releases! That's

In fact, you could say that this pair exists in its own little ecosystem.
They're joined at the hip…and the price action is as regular as a swiss


2. Why Use PipJet?

Well, have you SEEN our account statements? Why wouldn't you want
to turn $1k into $35k with ZERO risk?

If you look at our statements you'll see that we've virtually eliminated
any uncertainty from our trading.

There are almost NO losses, and those that you'll find are so small
they're hardly worth even mentioning!

On the USD/CAD it's possible to catch up to 16 bankable moves a
minute! No human being could do that on MT4…but PipJet has been
designed from the ground up to do exactly that!

The core logic and trading methodology has been revealed in full, you
can see it all right here:


3. Who Are We?

There can't be too many traders online who haven't heard the name
Forex Megadroid.

We enjoyed a 3 year reign as the top performing EA…with solid LIVE
results on our website to prove it! In fact, we left our original accounts
online so that people could always see how Megadroid was doing.

Over 40,000 happy subscribers have been using Megadroid for years. In
that time we've provided 10 big updates to accommodate for changes in
the market.

We are traders first and developers second. We know what traders expect
when they purchase an automated solution and that's why we pride
ourselves on being in the small group of people online that give traders
what they deserve!

It's what WE would want in your shoes!


PipJet is the new King of retail FX and it comes from the Megadroid

It was designed to make money FAST…with a small starting account
…with NO RISK!

That's what every trader really wants!

After 3 years of intense research and development, that's EXACTLY
what we've come up with!


It's yours for the taking!

All the best

The MD/PipJet Team

P.S. There's a lot of information on our site, we're being very thorough
about this because we believe you have the right to know HOW
something works before you use it. Full Disclosure! See it here:


Information, charts, examples, etc. contained in this e-mail
are just for illustration and educational purposes and should
not be considered advice or an endorsement to acquire or
dispose of any security or financial instrument.
We do not and cannot give lnvestment Advice.

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