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Re: Medarticles MedArticles - Need 1 E-Book

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Need 1 Ebook, Please help.

Dictionary of Natural Products (v. 1-7) [Hardcover] - John Buckingham

Book Description

Publication Date: December 2, 1993 | ISBN-10: 0412466201 | ISBN-13:
978-0412466205 | Edition: 6

The Dictionary of Natural Products is the only comprehensive source of
chemical data on natural products. It provides the busy scientist with
fast access to chemical, physical, bibliographic, and structural data
on over 139,000 natural products organized into more than 43,000 -
virtually every natural product isolated and reported in the

Product Details
• Hardcover: 8584 pages
• Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC; 6 edition (December 2, 1993)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0412466201
• ISBN-13: 978-0412466205
• Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.5 x 9.6 inches

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