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Re: Medarticles .......need some help to assist others

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Most Comprehensive Full Face Transplant video

On 13 April 2012 10:32, java_solo <> wrote:
Synthese von optisch aktiven, natürlichen Carotinoiden und strukturell
verwandten Verbindungen. III. Synthese von (+)-Abscisinsäure, (?)-
Xanthoxin, (?)-Loliolid, (?)-Actinidiolid und (?)-Dihydroactinidiolid
Frnak Kienzle
Helvetica Chimica Acta
Volume 61, Issue 7, pages 2616–2627, 1 November 1978
DOI: 10.1002/hlca.19780610733

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[gmgcly] 名牌 包包 手錶 鞋子 網友推薦 �~質好qak

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名牌 包包 手錶 鞋子 網友推薦 品質好javfpmcsdmvfu、jtdxoeqakq,xiypgpyc。 

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Medarticles .......need some help to assist others

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Synthese von optisch aktiven, natürlichen Carotinoiden und strukturell
verwandten Verbindungen. III. Synthese von (+)-Abscisinsäure, (?)-
Xanthoxin, (?)-Loliolid, (?)-Actinidiolid und (?)-Dihydroactinidiolid
Frnak Kienzle
Helvetica Chimica Acta
Volume 61, Issue 7, pages 2616–2627, 1 November 1978
DOI: 10.1002/hlca.19780610733

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A Better and Cheaper Solution For Car Owners

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Buying a car is no big deal nowadays but the biggest concern for most car owners today is the monthly cost of maintenance and fuel. The amount that a person spends on these requirements is quite high and with other costs also increasing it is not always easy to shell out a few extra bucks on the car. But as people say that need is the mother of invention, this growing need for a cheaper solution has brought to life another alternative which is an electricity powered car. While these cars turn out to be easy to operate and non polluting cars they are pretty simple and comparatively cheaper as well.In fact you also do not need to buy a new car you can actually opt for the conversion of your existing car to an electric car as you already have the frame and the wheels in place. You need to just get the motor replaced with an electric motor and also the batteries can be used. As for the key, you can use it for locking and unlocking the doors and can replace the on-off slot with a switch that would perform the functions of starting and stopping the car.

It seems to be pretty easy and it actually is, people with a decent amount of knowledge have been able to create an electric car of their own in a matter of a couple of weeks and have been saving a lot of money which they would have to otherwise spend on fuel.

Download Your Copy Now

Adobe CS4 64-bit – Not for Mac? Part 1

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In a complete very surprising move, Adobe CS4 includes 64-bit support for the Windows XP and Vista platform, but not for Mac.

According to Adobe's Photoshop product manager, John Nack, Mac OS X users won't get 64-bit support until the next release of the graphics editing software, CS5.

Nack attributes this move to the decision Apple made last year to stop development of 64-bit support for Carbon, a move which Nack says took Adobe and other third-party developers by surprise. Adobe did make CS3 Intel-compatible, but has retained Carbon as its foundation.

Nack wrote, in a recent blog entry, "At the WWDC show last June, [Adobe and] other developers learned that Apple had decided to stop their Carbon 64 efforts. This means that 64-bit Mac apps need to be written to use Cocoa [instead of] Carbon".

"We'll need to rewrite large parts of Photoshop and its plug-ins (potentially affecting over a million lines of code) to move it from Carbon to Cocoa."

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Battlefield 3 Class Guide – Guide To The Classes In BF3

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If you are looking to get started in Battlefield 3 then you need to know your classes and then you will know how to play to make sure you are dominating.
There are 4 classes in Battlefield 3 and these are:
Assault Class – This is best if you are new to the game as it will give you a good starter class that is good at mid-range and short range combat. Just watch out for snipers with this class.
Support Class – If you want to have some time off the front line then try out this class as the focus will be on providing support. You can get some awesome points by laying down covering fire and also making sure you heal your squad.
Engineer Class – The master of vehicles and you can make awesome points by fixing the vehicles in the game and you are also very good at short range combat as well.
You will also get an awesome rocket launcher!
Recon Class – Check out this class if you fancy staying to the shadows and sniping people. Just be careful that you don't get caught at close or mid-range with the sniper!
For some actual multiplayer tactics then you need to check out a good guide that will tell you about the maps and the strategies that you need to dominate the game!
For one of the best guides you need to check out BF3 Dominator:


BF3 Dominator – The Best Battlefield 3 Guide Is Here

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If you are looking for a good guide to Battlefield 3 then you need to check out BF3 Dominator! This guide claims to take you from a noob to a pro fast as it gives you the strategies that you will need to start winning.
The game is focused on teamwork and that means that you need to know your classes well and make sure you stay up to date with the maps and the strategies being used so you don't get left behind.
Another thing that you will need to know how to do if you want to be the best at the FPS game is make sure you know how to use and customise your weapons.
You can do this by obviously searching around the web for information however we suggest if you want to start dominating the game and make sure you don't get left behind that you check out BF3 Dominator.
You will have a complete guide to the game and it even features HD videos as well as written guides so you will actually see the tactics on the maps that you can use and start working your way up the leaderboards.
If you feel that you are getting "owned" online and shouted at all of the time for messing up your team then check out the full BF3 Dominator guide through the link below and start dominating:


Blend Color to Grayscale Part 2

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Following on from Mondays Post:-

Now generate a Layer Mask by clicking on the Layer Mask button. Make sure its active with a double border (2nd thumbnail added to the orignal color thumbnail in the layers palette.)

Now select the Gradient tool (Tap "G") and observe in the options bar:

a) change the type of gradient to "Foreground to Transparent" by clicking the second pull-down to reveal the gradient thumbnails. F-to-T will be the first icon.)

b) in the next row of icons set the style of gradient to Linear.

Tap the letter "D" to return the colors to their default.

Now drag the Gradient tool in the image in the direction you wish.

Presto… color to grayscale.

If this does not suit you click undo and try again. The best way is to drag a very short gradient near the center of the image to make a very quick transition. Dragging a longer pull with the Gradient Tool generates a smoother transition.

COD MW3 Guide – Perses Guide Takes The Top Spot

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If you are looking to dominate Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 then you need to check out this guide as it is quickly becoming the top guide for COD MW3 on the web. The reason for this is because it gives you a complete HD video walkthrough to all aspects of the game.
Of course you get a full walkthrough for the single player and the co-op multiplayer as well but what people are loving most is the multiplayer guide. The game has changed and now it is more strategic as you will need to know how to use the weapon proficiencies and the Strike chains if you want to be the best.
The good thing is that the game is more catered for playing in your style but you must find that style in order to dominate!
Also another really good bonus of Perses guide is the fact that you get a walkthrough of each map and that means that you can see the strategies that you should be using online.
The survival mode when you take on wave after wave off enemy can be tough but as a bonus of the Perses guide you also get a complete guide that will show you how to dominate Survival mode as well.
If you are looking to dominate the game then you need to check out Perses guide as it is quickly will tell you how to dominate and become the best fast!
Check out the full guide below:

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Create web 2.0 label

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Creating a web 2.0 label is simple enough to do when you follow these easy steps:

1) Create the canvas. A large size will give the room for a lot of detail, while the final image can be made smaller when complete.

2) Draw a shape, any shape! Any size, any color! You can use the ones found in Photoshop or download new ones off of the internet.

3) Apply a layer style to the shape. You can use the Web 2.0 layer and gradients pack for this, or make your own.

4) Try using a bevel and emboss here. Use a large size and reduce the opacity of the shadow.

5) Now add your text using the character palette to place the letters to appropriate spacing.

6) Use one of the white layer styles in the pack and apply this to the white text.

7) That's it! Now you have a Web 2.0 label for your web pages.

8) Okay, almost it. One suggestion is to add a drop shadow to add a lifted effect to your label.

9) Make the final step by flattening and removing the background, and save as a .png. Now this can be a great addition for any web page.

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Free Cabin Plan Is Good News For Home builders

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Don't you want to spend a dollar for a cabin plan? Then no problem because nowadays there is a free cabin plans that you can get and download directly from the internet. All you need to do is to search for a site that provides free cabin plan that is how easy it is to find a free cabin plan.

Free cabin plan is good news for homebuilders and for you as well especially if you do not want to spend a penny for a cabin. For most of the time, a free cabin plan is dependable and effective. It is as good as the plan that is being sold in the market by manufacturer who caters in a cabin plan.

However, you have to be careful in getting a free cabin plan because not all free cabin plans is good quality. To avoid this bad circumstance happening to you, the first thing that you do is to look for a company that offers a free cabin plan that has integrity, unstained reputation and with excellent feedback from the consumers and homebuilders alike.

Truly speaking getting a free cabin plan is the best way to save money. In addition, it is a perfect alternative for you if you do not want to add burden to the expenses that you might incur during the construction.

Download 15 bunkhouse and small cabin plans

Get rid of Eczema

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The skin is the largest organ of the body. They say it reflects the body's condition inside. When something's wrong within, it will manifest outside. So when the skin gets blemishes and other awkward skin problems, that simply indicates something is off the beam.


In getting rid of eczema, people consult the doctor right away. The doctor, then, gives the patient right treatment for the problem after the diagnosis. Creams are the usual prescription for eczema patients. But to better handle the situation, get rid of eczema through these basics.



Wrapping up, eczema won't heal overnight; thus ample time is needed. Just be patient enough in following the aforementioned tips to prevent eczema in getting worse.

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Gradient Fill using Layers Palette

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If you want to create some awesome effects in your images using gradient fill, consider using the Layers palette to change the fill layer's opacity or blending modes. It's quick, easy, and highly effective. To create a fill layer:
1. Choose Layer > New Fill Layer or click the black-and-white circle at the bottom of the Layers palette. This opens a menu from which you can choose the type of fill you want.

2. Choose Gradient from the menu to open the Gradient Fill dialog box.

3. Choose the gradient from the Gradient drop-down menu; then choose the style of gradient you want from the Style drop-down menu. Your choices include Linear, Radial, and more. Now choose the angle and the scale for the gradient with the remaining choices. Play around with these settings to get a sense of how they operate and to see how the sliders and drop-down menus can immediately affect your image.

4. Click OK. A fill-layer area appears on your Layers palette. If you want to change the position, the color, the scale, or the type of gradient (Pattern or Color) at any time, double-click the layer's icon on the Layers palette.

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History of Adobe Photoshop

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A PhD student at the University of Michigan by the name of Thomas Knoll began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to show grayscale images on a monochrome display back in 1987. This program appropriately named 'Display,' attracted the interest of his brother, John Knoll, an Industrial Light & Magic employee, who recommended Thomas create it into a full-blown image editing program.

Taking a six month break from his studies in 1988, Thomas collaborated with his brother on the program, which had been renamed ImagePro. Later that same year, Thomas renamed his program Photoshop and negotiated a short-term deal with scanner manufacturer called Barneyscan to distribute copies of the program with a slide scanner; shipping a total of about 200 copies of Photoshop this way.

John, in the meantime, made his way to Silicon Valley and gave a demonstration of the program to engineers at Apple Computer Inc. and Russell Brown, art director at Adobe. Both presentations were successful, and Adobe decided to purchase the license to distribute in September 1988. While John worked on plug-ins in California, Thomas remained in Ann Arbor writing program code. Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990 for Macintosh exclusively.

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How to Build a Website in Three Easy Steps

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Well it's good news for anyone looking to build their own website because someone has finally devised a program to help you build a website in three easy steps regardless of ability.

And let me tell you this is so simple a 7 year old can do it. If you have tried to create a professional looking website of your own but failed Multi Profit Websites is the solution.

You have the ability via a simple admin control panel to create a website that is 100% unique that can generate an affiliate income from companies such as Google, ClickBank, Amazon, eBay, commission Junction and many more. You also have the ability to display your eBay auctions, or any auctions you choose. And this can all be done in three easy steps.

Here's all you need to do:-

#Step one – Login to your admin control panel.

#Step two – Edit your website (this is so easy a 7 year old could do it)

#Step three – Start Making Money

And it gets better, you can create a website based on any niche you choose.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you want to create a niche website based around weddings.

You would simply add the keyword 'weddings' to your admin control panel and Multi Profit Websites would AUTOMATICALLY generate you a wedding themed website. You can also add your own content to make your website 100% unique. AND YOU CAN BUILD AS MANY WEBSITES AS YOU WISH.

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How to Get Started Selling on eBay

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Have you been thinking about selling on eBay but you've been putting it off? Have you been intimidated, thinking there's no way you'll be able to figure out how to sell? Every day countless people put off selling on eBay for these reasons and more.

I was there once. I remember all the excuses I made up in my mind and how long I put off listing my first auction. I was paralyzed with fear – fear that I would make mistakes and that nobody would bid on my auction. Heck, I even remember how nervous I was when I placed a bid on the first thing I bought on eBay.

Well, the one thing I was missing back then was solid, easy-to-follow information designed for people who were just beginning their selling endeavors on eBay. If I had access to that information, things would have been a lot different for me. I would have started selling a lot sooner and I wouldn't have had to learn through trial and error.

"How to Get Started Selling on eBay" is the exact manual I wish I had back then. It gives precisely the right information needed for those who haven't started selling on eBay or for those who have just started. It walks you through from setting up an account on eBay to listing and managing your auctions.

Now is the time for the novice, the new guy, to step up and finally start making some money by selling on eBay in no time at all. Don't waste your time and energy trying to figure out how to do this on your own. "How to Get Started Selling on eBay" has shown me the key to eBay selling success. I suggest you do not let any more time go by.

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How To Make An Electric Car Quickly

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Many people believe that you need mechanical skills to make an electric car. But, making an electric car is actually quite simple if you have something to guide you along the way.

So what's so great about building an electric car? By far the best benefit is you will no longer have to pay for expensive gasoline! Some other good benefits are: A quieter Engine and you will help the environment (No More Pollution from your vehicle).

How Do I get Started?

You Will Need A Step-By-Step Guide on How to make an electric car
A friend to give you an extra hand
A place to do the work (Garage, Shed, Driveway)
Some Basic Tools- cordless drill, saws, wrenches, maybe a socket set…

In order to start, you will need a vehicle. The best vehicle to convert to electric is Small Cars. One of the main problems is that batteries take a good amount of space up, but a good detailed conversion guide will show you how to avoid this problem.

All the parts needed are actually quite simple to find.  After one week of work, my car was complete and  is now fully electric car!

One of my favorite memories with my electric car was driving by my local gas station and laughing at the 4.00 dollar a gallon price. You might not know this, but gas prices are expected to be around 7.00 dollars a gallon by the end of next year. Don't you think it would be smart to convert your car to electric?

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Web Sites Are Difficult To Create

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It is no easy task to actually build a working site that matches a visual design created in a tool like Photoshop. Photoshop is designed to give total freedom to the artist. The web, on the other hand, is built on top of many confusing technologies and standards that place other concerns ahead of preserving visual design integrity.

This situation has understandably intimidated many users who are good at Photoshop but don't want to spend months or years learning the gory details of the internet such as XHTML, CSS, javascript, etc.

SiteGrinder 2 successfully turns Adobe Photoshop into an easy-to-use and powerful website design and production tool.

While SiteGrinder is not aimed solely at the web neophyte, a SiteGrinder-equipped designer with no previous web experience can use only their Photoshop skills to go from concept to deployment of a professional, standards-compliant site in mere hours with no slicing or programming.

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Spice Up Your Fitness Boot Camp

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Kent Fremont was a fitness instructor who ran a fitness boot camp every summer.  However, he noticed that, while his boot camp had started out popular, for the last couple of years in a row his attendance had started to drop.  Wanting to know the reason for this he asked a couple of his clients who had dropped out.  They told him that while they wanted to get in shape, they found it hard to stay motivated because it was a bit on the boring side.

 Hearing this coming from past clients, Kent was a bit disheartened.  How could he make his fitness boot camp fun but still keep it effective.  Luckily for Kent, a friend of his showed him the eBook, Fitness Games.  At first, Kent was a bit unsure of using the methods described in the book, but figuring he had nothing to lose, he gave it a try.  Now not only has Kent found a way to make his boot camp more interesting, but also he is seeing his class sizes increase.

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Quality Image Cutouts

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First select the polygonal lasso tool. Click and drag around the outside of the image you want to cutout.

Next use the lasso tool to cutout the inside parts of the image. You do this by holding [Alt/Option] and click with the lasso, then continue until you have covered the part you want to cutout. For this image you will need to cutout 2 places — the hole for the top ring and the hole for the bottom ring.

Next go to [Select->Modify->Smooth] and enter in a radius of 2 pixels. The radius is how much to smooth the selection. If the selection you made earlier is very jagged you might want to experiment with higher radius levels to smooth out the selection.

Next go to [Select->Feather] and enter in a radius of 1. This will blur the edges of the selection a bit and give it a more real look.

Next go to [Select->Modify->Contract] and enter in an amount of one pixel. This makes the selection a little tighter which also helps in making a nice cutout.

After you have done these steps, just copy and paste the part of the image you have now cutout.

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PS3 Red Light Fix – Get The Red Light Fixed Today!

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If you have the red light on your PS3 then this article will give you a way that you can fix this and get back to gaming without all the hassle of having to send it in and wait for 4 weeks for a fix not to mention having to pay out $150 to get this fixed.

So how can you fix your PS3 from home?

Well the reason that most of the problems happen is because of internal components overheating and if you stop the heat build up you will be able to play again.

To do this you need a good guide that will show you how to do this and the problems here come in finding a guide that anyone can use that will fix these problems.

You want a guide that is not technical and contains a fix that anyone can do, well the good news is that there is a guide that has been released that is getting some rave reviews and the reason for this is because it gives you step by step videos.

You don't need anything but a few household tools and you can be up and running in less than an hour!

There is also a cool presentation video that will show you which errors that the guide will fix and it comes with full customer support as well!

If you are having problems with your console then check out the full guide today and get back up and running with ease!

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Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop CS64? More Thoughts

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One of the things that Photoshop is widely known for is creating one picture from multiple images, whether it is a panorama or a multi-layered image. Everyone who uses this program recognizes that it demands a lot from your computer. You should consider increasing your memory if you want to boost your speed but don't want to run the 64-bit version. I do recommend that with the 32-bit version you should think about running with no less that 4 gig's of RAM. Most HDR, panoramic or multi-layer images run smoother given the extra increase in memory. Additionally, the additional memory increases Photoshop's ability to track your history of changes.

If you go the 64-bit route one other area that you need to take note of is that your plugins will have to be 64-bit as well. You cannot mix 32-bit and 64-bit processes. Moreover, you might also need to purchase Vista as XP will not be supported.

Basically you need to know that Photoshop CS4 has brought about some very interesting upgrades from the CS3 version, however, if you are considering purchasing the 64-bit version, make sure you are dealing with many gigapixels and/or with extremely complex High-Res images.

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Perses Guide – Ultimate COD MW3 Strategy Guide Released…

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Thought I would update my blog with some awesome news. If you have picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and you are getting owned online then there may be some help for you…
Perses guide has been released by CJ, and if you are not sure who this guy is then you may be familiar with the BF3 Dominator guide that was a complete guide for Battlefield 3 that was getting rave reviews!
Well now he has released a guide for COD MW3 and this one is called Perses Guide.
It gives you a complete guide and video walkthrough for both single player and multiplayer for the new Call of Duty. However what makes this guide the best is that the multiplayer section is awesome and all of the new maps are ripped apart as well as how you can use the Strike chains and the new weapon proficiencies to make sure you are dominating the game.
Of course you can piece together information online but if you are looking for a complete guide to the game and you want to get your points up quickly online then you need to check out this guide as it is in the next few weeks that gamers will want to try and dominate multiplayer!
Check out the full guide through the link below and see for yourself how easy it is to dominate the game and you will start to win fast:

For More Information Click Here

Learn About Tonsil Stones And Getting Rid Of Them Using Natural Remedies

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Have you had a look at the back of your throat recently and seen some nasty looking stones on your tonsils? Have you been to the doctor and they have diagnosed you with some tonsil stones and given you some antibiotics for it? Well maybe learning about tonsil stones is just one step closer to getting rid of them and we are going to help you do this. Read on now and find out what tonsil stones really are.

Tonsil stones are a collection of calcium, dead cells, food particles and sulphur. These stones get bigger and bigger the more you eat and they won't go away unless you do something about them. These stones can cause to all sorts of problems such as difficulty swallowing, foul smelling breath and a loss of self confidence because of your unsightly problem. So what can you do about this? Well one way is to get rid of your stones naturally.

You can do this by changing your diet and reducing the amount of calcium in your diet. This will help to stop the growth of the stones and may even reduce them. You can use a salt water gargle to dislodge the stones to get rid of them and then make these dietary adjustments permanently so that the stones don't come back. So if you are fed up of looking at your stones all the time and sick of the foul smell of your breath then why not make these changes today so that you can start to get rid of them.

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How to use Photoshop to Match Colors

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The Match Color command is not used a lot. If used right though, it can create some spectacular images. The command makes Photoshop evaluate and match the contrast and color of one picture. It then can be applied to another picture to create a great artistic effect. It is also useful for producing the illusion of consistency in a series of photographs in terms of lighting and color. There are as many uses of this function as you can think of as with Photoshop the possibilities truly as endless.

You'll have to tweak this effect to make the image look just how you want it to, but experiment and you'll be surprised by what this command can do. Adobe states that the tool is perfect, but in my experience you will have to adjust it to get the best effect.

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How to save underexposed photos

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The good news is that dark photos have a lot more data than overexposed photos, so there is a better chance of recovering a decent photo from an underexposed one.

Bright photos blast the screen with light blocking any input with a sheer overload of information. So if you have a photograph that is too dark, you may have a chance of turning it into a decent image.

It should be said that not all shots can be saved. There is an element of luck in the process due to all the factors and variables that effect the process.

The best method to avoid underexposed photos is to alter your camera's aperture settings. Changing your shutter speed and film speed can help too. Does this sound too complicated? Well don't worry, Photoshop was created for the photographer who has better things to do.

So how do you save underexposed photos in Photoshop?

Just go to Image>Adjustments>Shadow/Highlight. The effect this has on your photo may be too much for you, but you can adjust the settings on the Amount and Tonal Width Sliders until you find just the right look.
This is a basic guide, so if you want more in-depth information on fixing underexposed photographs go to:

For More Information Click Here

How To Win At Battlefield 3 – Up Your Game Fast…

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In this blog post I want to give you a few tips that you can use to up your game on Battlefield 3 and make sure that you are dominating the game.
The thing is that the game changes a lot of the aspects that are present in other FPS and that is you need to make sure that you know how to work together with your team. There are 4 classes in Battlefield 3 and depending on which class you pick it will greatly change your experience of the game.
We recommend that if you are new that you stick with the Assault class as this is a good all-rounder but you should also get to grips with the slightly more difficult classes that I think are Recon and Engineer.
The good thing is that a guide has been released that gives you a complete guide to the game and as well as a full class guide and how to customize your weapons you get a video walkthrough for the single player campaign and the multiplayer missions as well.
Probably the best thing about the guide is the fact that it has HD videos giving you the tactics and strategies that you need to dominate multiplayer in the game as well!
If you want to up your game and you feel that you are getting left behind check out the full Battlefield 3 guide which is called BF3 Dominator and discover how you can go pro fast:


largest online bookstore

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Amazon is the largest online bookstore and last year their sales of digital download books for their Kindle exceeded their sales of printed books. This proves that there is a huge market for digital download books which is steadily growing and therefore this is a good opportunity for people to generate extra income.

Of course one of the huge advantages with publishing digital books through Amazon is that all of the marketing is taken care of for you as well as processing the sales and the website maintenance which leaves you free to concentrate on creating your own e-books for Publishing on Amazon.
There are literally thousands of public domain books available freely on the internet so there is no cost involved for you to source books.

Once you have found the books you would like to publish all you have to do is format them correctly and publish them.
Screen shots in the e-book show you exactly what to do. There are also helpful hints to guide you along the way to fill out the forms properly.

A very valuable section of the book Publishing Public Domain Books Through Amazon</a> covers how to deal with the numerous Amazon emails that you will get when you start publishing. These emails can be very daunting to the first time publisher. However, having a copy of the exact email and the instructions on what to do with the email is invaluable.

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Make your Portraits POP!

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Photoshop offers some amazing options to make your portraits stand out from all the rest. This simple option can make it seem like your subject is trying to jump off the screen at you. You'll be amazed!


Duplicate your picture layer by dragging the layer to the 'new' icon in the layers palette.

Apply a gaussian blur (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur). Blur it enough that the detail disappears but the shapes keep their form.

In the layers palette, change the blending mode from NORMAL to OVERLAY.

You can see that this method makes the light tones lighter, and the dark tones darker if you do a before and after comparison. It is actually boosting the contract of colors. If you want an even more dramatic effect, change the blending mode to VIVID LIGHT instead of OVERLAY.

Although you can do this with any kind of picture, the difference on portraits is quite EYE-POPPING!

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More Notes on Adobe CS4

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Obviously the pricing for the Adobe CS4 bundle suites has increased a bit both for upgrades and new purchases. Web Premium CS3 was $1599 US, whereas Web Premium CS4 will be $1699 US.

Design and Production Premium prices remain the same ($1799 US for Design Premium, $1699 for Production Premium), but the price of Design Standard is now $1399 US, up $200 from Design Standard CS3. Upgrade prices on suites appear to be about the same as CS3, although Web Premium is $100 more than it was 18 months ago.

If you had already purchased Design Premium CS3 before May, 2008, you will be happy to know that Fireworks is now included in this suite (it was included in suites sold after May of 2008 or if you paid the $160 to upgrade to Acrobat 9). In my opinion, Fireworks never should have been omitted from Design Premium in the first place, so this is a great addition.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 has been shipping sometime in October. One note for PPC Mac users — Adobe After Effects CS4 will only support Intel systems. Premeire Pro CS4, like CS3, is also Intel-only

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Natural Treatment for Eczema

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Optimizing Images for the Web Part 1

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Optimization is a process which can take only a small amount of time if you are looking for nearly perfect results or can take a bit more time if you are looking for perfect results.

Whichever route you choose depends on how you want your graphic to look, it is your choice. Both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady have built-in tools which help optimize images for viewing over the web. The best bet is to use whichever software you are most comfortable with. If you are already familiar with Photoshop then using ImageReady is unnecessary.

The easy way:

The Photoshop "Save As" control lets you save an image as either a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file. You can designate image quality, background transparency or matting, color display, and downloading method depending on which file format you select.

The controls for each of the resulting dialog boxes are pretty much self explanatory. I recommend saving your image this way (using a different name) and then saving it using the next steps as a way of comparing the two. Doing it this way will give you a good indication of which option gives the best results.

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Photoshop and Illustrator 1

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When looking at editing software, you might ask yourself what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator? Both programs are made by the same company and many say that the differences are small.

The difference lies in the building blocks, Adobe Illustrator actually takes key elements of Adobe Photoshop and builds upon them taking them to the next level.

Adobe's Photoshop is perhaps one of the most widely recognized and used programs by digital photographers today.Photoshop can transform any image into a polished and professional looking photograph.

You can add borders and enhance pictures to a level that no digital camera could capture. With Photoshop you can make almost anything possible to do with a photograph, reality.

Adobe Illustrator is an entirely different program. Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program that enables you to create your own unique graphics from scratch. Adobe Illustrator graphics can be used in print, online, in video, and even on your cell phone.

Adobe Illustrator makes possible what can't be done with Photoshop alone.

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Photoshop Spot Healing Tool

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Learn How to Use Photoshop in Just 2 Hours. Click Here For Details

The spot healing brush made its debut in Photoshop Elements 3, but now an enhanced version of it is available in Photoshop CS2. The spot healing tool is different from the existing patch and healing tools in that it does not require you to make a selection or define a source point before using it. As you can see in the screen shot above, Photoshop CS2′s spot healing tool has more options than the version in Photoshop Elements 3. You can select a blending mode for the healing, and choose between proximity match or create texture. You can also sample all layers which allows you to use the spot healing tool on a new layer for non-destructive editing.

With the spot healing tool, you simply click on or drag across the flaw you want to remove and it disappears. The retouched area is blended into the surroundings seamlessly — most of the time anyway. It takes a little practice getting a feel for how brush size and healing work together, but most of the time it does an impressive job.

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Portrait Toning Adjustments

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Learn How to Use Photoshop in Just 2 Hours. Click Here For Details
Sometimes the lighting for an image is just a little bit off. Perhaps it's unbalanced, or there's a shadow, maybe an unwanted highlight.You can use Photoshop's Brush tool to even things up. (This technique is available for any recent version of Photoshop.) In this image,'s #1150063, you can see the shadow to the left of the subject's mouth is produced by the upraised arms in the original. In the cropped copy, the shadow is a bit distracting. We'll paint it away using the Brush tool set to the Luminosity blending mode and an opacity of 15%.

Hold down the Option key (Mac) or the Alt key (Windows) to temporarily activate the Eyedropper tool and click on an area of skin that you want to match. That sets the foreground color to the selected skin color, including the luminosity of the area.

Now we can paint over the shadow area to match the luminosity. We can also lighten up the shadows to the lower-right of the mouth and that to the left of the nose.

And while we're at it, we can even paint over the slightly-too-light cheeks, too. Switching the Brush's blending mode to Color, we can even out the cheeks, producing a more uniform skin appearance throughout the image.

Subtle changes, yes, but effective in smoothing the appearance of the skin without losing the original charm of the shot.

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PS3 Repair Guide – 3 Steps To Make Sure You Get A Top PS3 Guide!

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In this article we will be looking at PS3 repair and how to make sure that you get a good guide that will actually fix your console. Of course the option is there to send it in but what puts a lot of people off about this is the long waiting time and then you also have to think you may have to pay out $150 to get your console fixed!

Well the good news is that the YLOD Repair Wizard is putting an end to the waiting time as well as the hefty repair bill as it gives you a way to fix your console from home in just under 1 hour!

So why is this the best PS3 Repair guide?

Well simply because it gives you step by step videos to guide you through fixing the console that have been made for the complete beginner!

You do not need to be technical at all to use the guide and as the site explains this was taken into account when the videos and guide were being created.

Just because you play on your PS3 does not make you some whizz kid with technology so it is nice to know that the fix can be carried out at home with some household items.

There is a full guarantee on the guide and what we liked is the fact that it has a full feature presentation where you can see a bit more about what the fix will contain and which errors it will fix for you.

So if you are experiencing these sort of hardware issues with your PS3 check out the full fix through the link below and discover how you can get back to gaming today in less than 1 hour:

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Some Notes on Adobe CS4

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Adobe has officially announced the release of Creative Suite 4 via a streaming webcast. Adobe CS4, which shipped out in October, has been being hailed as "Adobe's biggest software release to date."

I've been playing with some of the CS4 betas since early summer and I tend to agree that the Macromedia products are now much more tightly integrated (at least on the Fireworks and Dreamweaver side, I haven't used the Flash CS4 beta) with the rest of the Adobe suite. When I was watching the webcast I was surprised by the focus on performance improvements and cross-product integration.

On the performance side, I found that the GPU acceleration rumors for Photoshop CS4 are a reality. What was surprising to me was that despite the all the commotion I had read about regarding the lack of 64-bit support for the Mac version of Photoshop CS4, all of the demonstrations for the webcast were performed on a Mac. The representative from Adobe worked on a 2 GB 400 megapixel file, demonstrating how easy it was to zoom in and out, and rotate the image without any delays or reduction in speed.

So, 32-bit or not, graphic design shops using Macs that have powerful systems can easily benefit from the speed improvements to Photoshop.

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The Lungs after Smoking Cessation – What You Need to Know

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Using Photoshop to Blend Color to Grayscale Part 1

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You might be asking, "What is the quickest way to achieve this? Multiple layers? Layer masks?"

A question I am regularly asked is how to take a photo, remove the color so that it's black & white.

What some people don't know is that you can also drag over it so that the B&W blends into color. You basically end up with a nice transition from no color to color.

While there are many ways to do achieve this look, listed below you will find the easiest way to accomplish your goal.

Open the color image you wish to modify.

Select all and COPY the full image

Click on Mode and reset the color to Grayscale, say "Yes" to remove all color.

The image should go grayscale. Play with the black and white until it suits you.

Return to MODE and return the image to RGB

Select the Move tool (Tap: "V") and then PASTE

The original color returns to the file on a new layer.

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ways to make money

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Many people are searching for ways to make money online quickly and easily. If you are serious about doing this you need to make sure that you find a system where you can quickly get results from a little bit of work. This will help to inspire you to keep going. If you keep on doing a little bit each day you can steadily grow your online business. By following a system like this you can also end up with passive monthly income.

By publishing public domain books through Amazon, the main thing that I love about it is that you do not need to worry about having to promote or maintain a website, or marketing any of the books you create as Amazon takes care of all of this for you.

There are literally thousands of public domain books available freely on the internet so there is no cost involved for you to source books.

Once you have found the books you would like to publish all you have to do is format them correctly and publish them.

Screen shots in the e-book show you exactly what to do. There are also helpful hints to guide you along the way to fill out the forms properly.

A very valuable section of the book Publishing Public Domain Books Through Amazon covers how to deal with the numerous Amazon emails that you will get when you start publishing. These emails can be very daunting to the first time publisher. However, having a copy of the exact email and the instructions on what to do with the email is invaluable.

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What Does Zoo World Secrets Do Different?

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There is another guide on the market, and yes it is about Zoo World. You probably heard it was coming and now here it is. But, before we all get too excited, what exactly is the new guide offering and how well does it offer those features? I want to take a closer look at exactly what makes Zoo World Secrets work and whether this game is really up for being the next Farmville or if it's going to dwindle like most of the rest of them have so far.
What Does Zoo World Secrets Cover?
First, does Zoo World Secrets provide a lot of information to cover this relatively complex game? Luckily, the answer is very much yes, meaning that anyone who has ever played the game and wondered how to breed faster or how to make more cash on a daily basis will get a good idea of what is required by reading this book.
The features themselves, according to the website include coverage of breeding, animal trading, friend making, developing your report card score and setting up a good levelling scheme. That means that you'll be able to prep your account before you really play that much and make your way along to Level 42 at a decent pace.
In the end, I personally think that Zoo World is here to stay for a while. It's very deep, cute enough to be endearing, and has a ton of features that are going to keep evolving as the game gets longer and players start demanding more. If you're just getting into Zoo World, consider what Zoo World Secrets has to offer you.

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When To Use A Natural Remedy For Tonsil Stones

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Are you looking for a tonsil stone treatment to use that doesn't involve having to go through surgery, then maybe you should look for some natural alternatives. These kinds of alternatives are much safer for you and won't cause you any pain, but what are they? How can
you get rid of these ugly looking stones while still keeping yourself safe? Well here are a few natural ways to lose the stones so that they don't affect you as badly as they do at the moment.

The first natural method that you can use is to gently dislodge the stones from the tonsils with your finger or with a clean toothbrush. This can be done easily but if you have a sensitive gagging reflex around your throat then you might want to try another approach. This leads us onto the second method which is to gargle with salt water daily so that you can clean and remove the stones. When you have removed the stones then you can start to work on preventing them from coming back.

For this you will want to take a look at your diet and see what sport of foods can make your stones worse. These foods can include dairy products and other foods filled with calcium. By removing these from your diet, you should be able to prevent your stones from returning and be able to get on with your life without having to worry about them.

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Medarticles need this article urgently

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Urinary bisphenol A concentrations and their implications for human
exposure in several Asian countries.
Zhang Z, Alomirah H, Cho HS, Li YF, Liao C, Minh TB, Mohd MA, Nakata
H, Ren N, Kannan K.
Environ Sci Technol. 2011 Aug 15;45(16):7044-50. Epub 2011 Jul 20.

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[socialactionfoundationforequity:15168 Fighting sex trafficking against the odds: IJM legal director Michelle Mendonca

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Fighting sex trafficking against the odds: IJM legal director Michelle Mendonca

If you weren't told the exact address of the office, you'd be certain to miss it in the busy North Mumbai suburb. There are no signs and Michelle Mendonca's business card, as legal director of the International Justice Mission (IJM), merely lists a PO box.

The only giveaway that you are at the correct place is a security keypad locking an unmarked door inside the building.

Before she joined the IJM full-time in 2005, Mendonca started her career in finance after graduating from GLC Mumbai in 2003, later moving to become a senior officer at ICICI Bank. A few years later she was inspired by a friend and began volunteering in the anti-sex-trafficking field and developed an instant connection to the work. Now she's a full convert. "I feel my years in the corporate sector [were] a waste," she says. "You can't compare it – I don't even want to go there because it is like chalk and cheese."

Thank-you notes crowd the bulletin board in the reception. When we meet, Mendonca is sitting in the IJM office's library; it smells faintly of thickly-bound law journals shelved up to the ceiling.

The international non-governmental organization (NGO) aims to curb sex trafficking globally (and since 2000 in India) by rescuing victims, prosecuting perpetrators and dealing with the fall-out of sexual abuse and oppression. Next to its headquarters in Mumbai it has chapters in Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

The problem seems almost insurmountable. Prostitution in Kamathipura, Mumbai's oldest red light district, generates more than $400m per year, according to estimates, with 100,000 prostitutes facing six customers per day for Rs. 100 each. Many of the prostitutes are children, of whom a large portion have been kidnapped and trafficked from India's rural regions. In Mumbai, they become slaves for all intents and purposes and are subjected to regular violence while HIV infection and AIDS are rife.

For Mendonca, the courts can be a powerful ally in the IJM's fight but almost as often they prove to be an obstacle, she explains. The average time to complete a prosecution against a trafficker is two years, despite a Bombay High Court judgment mandating six-month disposal.

Adjournment culture

"The witnesses get so fed up of coming to court," says Mendonca, citing one recent witness who had to come to court six times for his testimony. "In most hearings, nothing happens. So it goes on every 15 days, you get a [new] date."

"I remember when I joined, I was horrified. I looked at some court report and for months the case hadn't proceeded. Either witnesses weren't there or the prosecutor or the judge was not there."

Most sex trafficking trials require an independent witness - usually a community volunteer unconnected to the IJM or the victim - although law students have volunteered in the past to be present during rescue missions and the ensuing trial. In fact, law students make good witnesses, claims Mendonca.

Section 309 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPc) is the strongest tool against adjournments, according to Mendonca. "At IJM we have a policy of just opposing every adjournment under section 309 of the CrPc. So whenever a witness is present in court, the judge has to give a special reason if they want to adjourn."

Naturally, many times the survivors – a term Mendonca prefers to "victim" during our conversation - become impatient and get tired of waiting for their court date to arrive. In some cases, the girls return to their native village after rescue. If they move on with their lives, they can be reluctant to come back to Mumbai to attend the trials. This hampers the process of bringing the perpetrators to book.

The Bombay High Court in Prerana vs State of Maharashtra & ors (Criminal WP No. 1694 of 2003)directed that sex trafficking cases should be disposed of expeditiously. Trial courts should take victims' testimony within one month and complete the trial within six months of the charge-sheet being filed, ruled Justices Ranjana Desai and DB Bhosale in 2007.

So far, the average length of such cases still sits at two years.

Using the law

Besides the law, rescues and prosecutions depend a great deal on cooperation from the police. The IJM does not have any powers to raid premises where sex trafficking is suspected to be taking place. Normally these raids can happen without a warrant under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956 (PITA). However, only "special police officers", such as inspectors or those in charge of police stations, can conduct search and rescue missions.

Normally, those senior cops are very busy making it hard for trafficking cases to take priority, but Mendonca says she is impressed with the initiatives and efforts made by many.

"For instance, recently Maharashtra has appointed Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police Mrs Shobha Ohatkar who handles all anti-trafficking cases. She is extremely sensitive to NGOs and this is very, very helpful," explains Mendonca.

As nodal officer for anti-trafficking efforts, Ohatkar has in only two months invited IJM to train police officers at two stations. Police stations in Mumbai's zone 2 under additional police commissioner Naval Bajaj, the SS police branch, and Mira Road have anti-human-trafficking cells, according to Mendonca.

Another factor causing delays is the fact that there aren't victim protection mandates in the law for victims of the sex trade. For instance, a rape victim under the CrPc is entitled to an in-camera hearing. PITA offers no such protection although many judges increasingly order in-camera hearings. But sometimes, "it is still a fight and a battle and it should not be that way", says Mendonca. "Protection should be enshrined in the law."

The road in court

Cases under the PITA Act are tried in magistrate courts which are the lowest rung for such cases, while a special PITA court exists in Mazagaon.

There are no special courts in other districts, and thus the case goes to whichever magistrate has jurisdiction over where the rescue took place. In PITA cases, if the perpetrators are booked under heavier charges, the case is transferred to the sessions courts.

"Most of these girls are forced to have sex with customers and that's abetment to rape," Mendoca says. "We like to encourage the police to add these serious charges so they go to the sessions court."

Sensitive systems

Above all else, Mendonca advocates sensitisation of the authorities. Judges and prosecutors are often over-burdened and tend to deal with sex trafficking cases like any other, when in fact they need a slightly lighter touch. Most judges expect the survivors to be able to give exact accounts of their harrowing experiences, not considering the immense amount of trauma and anxiety the girls go through.

She sings high praise of Judge Tadwadkar, however, who concluded a matter involving a Bangladeshi girl in the Sewree courts in three months. "There were at most 12 hearings for this case," she recounts with awe. "There were no adjournments. He just refused to grant adjournments. He said bring all of the witnesses on this day, he held the police accountable, he held the prosecutor accountable, he held the defence counsel accountable. This judge was amazing."

While there are Supreme Court and Bombay High Court guidelines on how sex trafficking victims are to be treated – for example, how one should take the evidence in the context of the trauma that they undergo – Mendonca says that not many prosecutors and judges are aware of these laws.

"The victim is not treated well in court. That has an impact on the testimony. IJM doesn't only seek prosecution. So even when you have a conviction where the victim has not been treated well in court, she doesn't think the fight is worth it," explains Mendonca,

"She doesn't feel vindicated when she comes to court. When the judge or the prosecutor is insensitive, it makes a huge difference to that victim's sense of justice."

Mendonca avers that the court room plays an important role in the entire rehabilitation process. Not only does the judicial system have the power to return to the girl some amount of dignity and self-respect, but it can also be the reason for the survivors to have confidence in the legal system, or not.

"We want our victim to be empowered through her testimony in court."

Survival coaching

The survivors are often anxious about speaking in court about their horrifying tales. Often, says Mendonca , they stay up the night before the hearings without eating or sleeping trying to muster up the courage. As a result, victims can be reluctant to follow through with court proceedings.

While IJM only intervenes when the cross examination crosses boundaries, Mendoca and her team offer up encouraging words. "They're sometimes still apprehensive and we try and help them understand that through their speaking out, other girls will be saved," she explains. "No matter how much pain and trauma they've gone through, she will come into court to spare somebody else that pain.

"It never fails to work."

Hope for government training

Mendonca says she hopes the government will invest in training programs for lawyers and judges to sensitise them fully and thus empower them to properly deal with sex trafficking cases.

"We'd like the government to partner with NGOs to offer this training," she says. "We offer them this free of cost and are very eager to share this expertise. We think the government can invest in training for all judges. Then, all judges and all prosecutors can be sensitive and take these cases seriously. Overworked, some feel [survivors] are prostitutes who have brought this upon themselves."

This year IJM will approach the law ministry to propose training for prosecutors too. They often have 10 cases a day and thus do not have enough time to devote to cases. Very often they change and this lack of continuity results in a prosecutor not being able to see a case through from the start to the finish.

"We've held training for prosecutors in the past but we feel it would be much better if it comes from the law and judiciary department [of the Maharashtra government]. We did a training for prosecutors in 2009 on 'chief examining and cross-examining techniques." she says.

"Other roadblocks are our collaborators in the justice system,. "The police and the prosecutors are overworked and underpaid. And I find them that many of them are passionate about justice but they don't have the resources, such as the state prosecutors," says Mendonca.

Not cool, not easy

IJM hires a few lawyers who are trained in this field but Mendonca says that the organization is open to senior advocates coming in to help with the training. "We'd love to have qualified, experienced people come and help us. People passionate for this cause."

IJM also offers opportunities for interns but discourages people from short-term internships, instead preferring law students who can come on board for at least 10 months.

"This is not a cool, easy job," she says, with a smile. "It's an intense job that requires a lot of perseverance and excellence."

Get involved

If law firms want to get involved and help, the following IJM project is posted on the i-Probono website.

"We'd like to train judges and prosecutors in Immoral Traffic Prevention Act to increase their sensitivity to victims in court and to understand the directions of the Supreme Court and Bombay High Court in appreciating of evidence in these cases.

"We would like senior advocates to lend their name to the training and power actors to create political demand and will in the Maharashtra government and in the Indian government to partner with us in creating and delivering this training."

Click here for more information about i-Probono and to sign up.

Legally India profile of the the i-Probono project.

Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. - Mohandas Gandhi
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[socialactionfoundationforequity:15167 Hells' demon

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Hells' demon

There is no such thing in Canada as criminal guilt by association, although some of the post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws get pretty darn close to that idea. The Criminal Code's provisions for taking a peace bond against members of a criminal organization, such as the Hells Angels, toe close to the line, but require a judge to find sufficient evidence that any whose civil liberties are to be clipped were party to crimes in the making.

That complies with the legal tradition of requiring evidence of criminality, rather than mere suspicion a defendant is up to no good. It is how Winnipeg police and federal prosecutors, having evidence from phone and text interceptions, nabbed numerous Hells Angels and associates recently. Some were charged, others released on peace bonds, under which they agreed to stay away from bikers and a string of other conditions that constrain their liberties.

The belief is the crackdown, the exercise of the Criminal Code's provision for peace bonds against those planning crimes to the benefit of a criminal organization, has all but gutted the Hells Angels enterprise in Winnipeg. That would be a good thing, as long as it is executed in accordance with law that respects fair rights of an accused.

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition April 12, 2012 A10

Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. - Mohandas Gandhi
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