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Synthese potentieller Metaboliten der STS 557 (Dienogest)
1984, vol. 39, pp. 462-463

Synthese potentieller Metaboliten der STS 557 (Dienogest)
1984, vol. 39, pp. 496-497

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Medarticles Request for full text

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Please provide with full text of the following title

Microbial transglutaminase—a review of its production and application in food processing

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Volume 44, Numbers 3-4 (1995), 277-282, DOI: 10.1007/BF00169916

Thank you

Navneet D. Satpute
Student, Master of Technology (Food Biotechnology),
Food Engineering and Technology Department,
Institute Of Chemical Technology
Matunga, Mumbai-400019

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Avoid These 3 Mistakes For Tennis Elbow Treatment

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The first mistake that most sufferers make is "Using bracing or splinting, believing this will help your tennis elbow heal faster"Do not opt for immobilizing your arm, more specifically with elbow braces, splints or tape.

These braces can often aid in reducing your pain, but just like all the other traditional "treatments", this relief comes at the expense of the healing process.

Because these bulky braces prevent normal movement of your arm and elbow, they actually interfere with healing, allowing adhesive scar tissue to form- and prolonging the recovery time.

The second mistake is "Misunderstanding the inflammation process"

You must learn and understand that HEALING PURPOSE of the inflammation process…

We're falsely led to believe that by suppressing the inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs we're helping the healing process -Only inflammation IS part of the healing process!

Anti-inflammatories have no ability to heal, and instead are SLOWING and prolonging the healing of your tennis elbow injury!

Critical Elbow Treatment Mistake 3

Opting for Cortisone Shots

The final and in many ways the most critical mistake sufferers so often make, is resorting to getting invasive and painful Cortisone shots. Cortisone shots work well in the short term which makes people go back to the activities that caused their injury in the first place. When this happens they make their tennis elbow worse because the tear becomes larger and sometimes the tendon fully detaches and tears away from the bone.

The physician quite often neglects to inform the sufferer that Cortisone can: Slow muscle and tendon healing, cause cell death and tendon weakening, And make it very difficult to regain full strength in the damaged elbow tendons ever again and…

You definitely don't want that! You want to strengthen the tendons and muscles in your arm and elbow!

If you are serious about curing your tennis elbow and want to learn a step-by-step, instructional approach (with Videos & DVD Tutorials) from the comfort of your own home, go to the internet's most trusted tennis elbowresource and information for sufferers.

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Discover More About Flight Simulator Addons

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Flight Simulator GameYou are probably thinking to upgrade your aircraft game to see if you can bring it to another level.

With flight simulator addons you can definitely do that with ease and without messing up with flight sim game from time to time.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who would like to learn and enjoy more with the gaming activities offered by your flight sim software, then you should opt to get access to certain addons compatible with your current flight simulator.

Addons are merely added features to provide the gamer a variety of options to choose from to enhance his or her gaming experience.

Like for instance when you are indulged with aircraft games, you would like to be able to get access to various sceneries around the world while you are flying your preferred aircraft right?

To do this, you may get access to free addons or get a subscription for these flight simulator addons.

You may also enjoy other added features such as additional aircrafts to navigate.

So let's say you have the basic package which just have a limited number of aircrafts available, with getting access to aircraft sim addons you will have additional aircrafts available for you to navigate.

Aside from additional aircrafts features such as skins for various aircraft models, aircraft panels, aircrafts repaints and textures, and one of the all time favorites is the scenery upgrade.

All of these are flight simulator addons that you can get access to with the right aircraft simulator provider.

Since not all aviation sim softwares are created equal, you cannot expect that every single software that is available for you to take advantage of have the same features.

More often they differ and compete with each other that is why it surely pays to do some research before purchasing any of those flight sim softwares.

Some may offer these addons for free however sum may ask for a fee.

To get more information about how to get access to these aircraft sim addons, you may try to search online for software providers and compare what they have to offer.

You can also try reading reviews and joining forums for more information regarding getting access to updated addons and new releases compatible with your current flight simulator.

The more information you get, the more possibility you'll have in choosing the right software and addons that would let you experience what real flying is.

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How to Find Your Metabolic Rate

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In order to lose weight you have to eat less calories than you burn off. Sounds simple enough. So how do you do it?

First step is to figure out how many calories your burning each day, this is usually described as your Resting metabolic Rate or RMR for short.

Your RMR is the total calories your body will burn today if you don't do any extra exercise or move much at all.

If you browse the web you'll find lots of metabolism calculators online. They typically require you to enter your height and weight, and many of them also require various measurements like wrist, waist or forearms as well.

These calculators are decent and can give you a rough idea of your resting metabolism, however each one has a built in error, so you can never take the number you get as a fact written in stone. Even the best calculators online still only produce an ESTIMATE of your real metabolic rate.

If you want to lose weight but don't know how to start try this:

1) Go online and find at least 3 metabolic rate calculators and get your estimated metabolic rate from each one

2) Add all three numbers together and divide by 3 to get an average of the three resultsPerfect Body Measurements

3) Use this averaged number of calories as your starting point to test your real daily metabolic rate

4) For 1 week, eat exactly the amount of calories that is stated in step 3 above

The number is correct if you stay the same weight by the end of the week.

If you lose weight by the end of the week then you know this number is too low.

If you gain weight by the end of the week then you know this number is too high.

If you gain or lost weight, try the experiment again for another week and adjust the calories accordingly. Your average number shouldn't be too far off so only adjust by about 200 calories per day.

Keep adjusting in 200 calorie increments until you find the amount of daily calories that keeps your weight the same for a week.

You should be able to find your daily metabolic rate within a month using this system. And this won't be a theoretical number that some calculator told you, this will be the real life number you find by testing your own body.

Once you know this number you will also know that you need to eat some amount below this number to lose weight.

This is the simplest and most effective way to find out how many calories you need in a day.

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Improving Eyesight -Near or Far

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Two of the most common visually ailments are Myopia and Presbyopia; otherwise known as near-and far-sightedness. Both are ailments effect vision and the distance that is seen when looking at objects. Both ailments can be cured on their own if allowed. Almost all eye ailments are caused from bad habits learned as children, and strain on the eyes.


Myopia is caused by the eyeballs elongating.  This ailment is caused by habits which include only looking at objects close up for long periods of time. This starts out in school age children who are forced to learn things from books and other materials requiring close contact focus.

Myopia becomes a problem due to strain on the eyes, pressure, anxiety, or frustration. The pressure young children have to succeed is enormous. When information is boring, it is hard to actually learn. Looking at material for long periods of time without a break can cause the eyes to strain on close up information.

Near-sightedness can also be contributed to mental strain and psychological issue. Myopia can be part of an anxiety or nervousness about the future. Subconsciously the person may be afraid of what lays ahead of them and are unable to look ahead to the future. In this case, they are comfortable where they are and feel safe in their close up world.

Presbyopia is the ability to see things in the distant but not things close up. Far-sightedness starts affecting people in their 40s. This is when the lenses start to harden. The muscles around the eye can still be train to force the eyes to contract even with harden lenses. This ailment is believed to be part of getting older, so we just accept the problem and get glasses. We allow our eyes to become lazy and learn to rely on artificial lenses to get us through each day.

Presbyopia can also be 'all in the mind'. People start to look too far to the future and refuse to look at things right in front of them. They allow their focus to be on retirement instead of on fixing the leaking faucet today.

Both these ailments can be avoided by allowing the eyes to move around naturally each day. If you are studying something up close for most of the day, spend an hour or so looking at things in the distance. If you are looking at things far away grab a book and read some pages.

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Improving Your Vision – A New Way of Learning

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The worst thing we can do to our eyes is strain them. Too much mental strain and focus can actually harm our eyesight and cause the eyes permanent damage. Bad habits start from childhood, especially once school starts. These bad habits carry over into adulthood and cause damage to the eyes. Most of eye problems and ailments are simply caused by the bad habits learned in our youth.

Children have a natural curiosity to learn new things. Ask any kindergartener or first grader if they are excited for school and they will almost always say yes with genuine enthusiasm. Ask the same question of a junior high or high school student and they will moan at the thought of going back to school for another year. 

Why the huge difference between the two? School is too disciplined and children are forced to spend hours each day learning and memorizing things that don't interest them. Any subject that is uninteresting causes more concentration and the eyes to strain through. Not every person enjoys the same subjects, yet all children are forced to memorize and learn things in an uninteresting way.

The eyes strain when forced to concentrate on images that don't interest us. Like numbers on an analytical report for work isn't going to interest all the employees, mathematics, science, and English won't interest every student. This doesn't mean that have a well-rounded education should be thrown out the window. It simply means there needs to be a change in how children are educated.

The Bates Method was discovered by Dr. William Bates, a famous eye doctor. In his method, Dr. Bates put together a large, poster-sized card covered in common shapes and letters familiar to most school age children. The card was hung at the front on the classroom and offered the students something to look at when they were feeling tired or overwhelmed. The purpose of the card was to give the children a chance to relax their eyes. Looking at new material puts strain on the eyes, but familiar objects allow the eyes to relax.

Teaching children not to strain their eyes from a young age will help keep their vision sharp for years to follow.

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Rosacea is a skin disease which causes skin to go red and also produces some pimples or bumps on the skin. Normally occurs on your face skin. This disease has no permanent cure to it but there are many medicines available in the market saying that they treat this disease completely. But actually medicines are available but they cannot completely cure it. Most of them just help to cure some of the symptoms of rosacea. So, in order to get rid of rosacea you can have alternative treatment which is more effective and can permanently remove this disease from you.

There are no other ways or treatments which can help you getting rid of rosacea permanently. The only way is by having Alternative Treatments. In Europe this problem is common among aged people and there number of people has been successful in throwing this disease away from them by using these treatments. Some of the most efficient treatments are described below:

The Apple Cider Vinegar is a well known and famous remedy for treating rosacea. Actually apple cider vinegar helps in treating all the bacterial infections. It is because of its capability to encourage the discharge of enzymes in your digestive system. The way of using is that you should wash the part of skin with this remedy to cure your skin.

The Licorice Herb is an effective remedy against rosacea. A study was done on 62 Rosacea patients and the patients were moderate condition with the disease. The doctors found that all those patients improved their conditions in 4 weeks time. The treatment was done by using licorice herb. So, it is proved that licorice herb is an effective remedy.

Green tea is turned into cream stuff which is very effective in treating rosacea. In America Academy of Dermatology a study was done by experts about rosacea. In which it was confirmed that green tea helps in reduction of pimples and irritation. In short it helps in providing relief to the patient attacked by rosacea. More study is being carried on about rosacea in American Academy of Dermatology.

Some of the other effective alternative treatments include Olive oil, Selenium, Red Clover, Zinc, Rose hips, Chamomile, Vitamin B and Burdock. Other medicines only help in getting rid of some symptoms of rosacea. But these are those remedies which help most in curing rosacea permanently.

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Choosing Your Powers in DC Universe Online

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One of the first things you will do in DC Universe Online is choose the powers your character will display as they level up. When you first get started, all power trees will focus solely on dealing damage, but as the game progresses, those powers can be specialized to match the end-game style of play you'll go through, depending on your initial choice, so it's important to get it right the first time out.

Your power tree choices include:

• Fire – Fire is a primarily tanking power though it can deal some hefty damage with the long range specialization.
• Ice – Ice is also a tanking power though again it can be used for damage as well as crowd control if you go with range.
• Mental – Mental comes in two flavours – telekinesis and illusion. They have different uses, but they work great in a crowd control capacity.
• Nature – Nature is a great way to get the healing stats you need if you're trying to be an end-game healer. Plants will give you all sorts of crowd control options as well.
• Sorcery – Sorcery works through a variety of different ways to provide buffs and debuffs to parties and enemies.
• Gadgetry – Like Batman and his utility belt? This is the route for you then. You'll find a LOT of good traps and tricks here for controlling enemies.

As mentioned above, you'll be able to use all six of these when you get started for DPS as they are all damage specialized, but when you start to approach level 8 and your loadout selection, you'll need to choose which route is best for you. There are four of them including damage, healing, defense, and control. Each role will be vital in Alerts and raids alike depending on your team makeup.

If you choose to go with tanking you should choose Ice or Fire, Control should choose Mental or Gadgetry, Healers should choose Sorcery or Nature and Damage can choose any of the six as they all scale well for DPS.

And of course don't forget the fact that you can choose Iconic Powers every two levels starting at level 10 if you'd prefer to go with the classics like X Ray Vision. DCU Online is a fantastic recreation of a universe that has been written about for more than 70 years. Enjoy engaging with some of the powers that helped make it such an iconic part of Americana.


Finding a Flight Sim with Free Downloads

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Flight Simulator GameYou are probably sick and tired of the same old thing that you play when it comes to aircraft games.

If you would like to experience more than just flying aircraft virtually, you can definitely get the best experience in real flying with a flight sim game.

A flight simulator is what you can definitely rely on when it comes to experiencing real flying via different aircrafts.

What is good about this is that you don't have to risk yourself in danger when it comes to trying maneuvering tricks because the whole experienced is based from virtual reality.

The good news is that there are aircraft sim providers which provides free download and updates regarding their software, and this would then allow you to level up your flight experience form time to time without having to feel that the aircraft game that you are playing is already obsolete.

What is exciting about these free downloads is that you can have added features for your flight sim to allow you to experience another level of real life flying that can be more of a learning experience rather than just a game.

This is the reason why flight simulators are not only built for those who would like to learn how to fly various aircrafts but for the professionals as well who would like to bring their flight experience into another level.

What can be a bit challenging in this part is finding the right aircraft sim that would meet your expectations.

Since there are a lot of simulator softwares available online right now which offers different free download packages, you may be a bit confused on which software would work out for you and your flight experience.

To be able to get hold of the best flight sim, you may have to do some research on what are the best options for you would be.

The best resources for this are online videos, reviews, articles, forums related to virtual aircraft software.

Form there you will be able to get informed about the difference of one flight simulator from the other and at the same time compare the benefits that you can get from them all.

Of course you wouldn't want to waste your time and your money just to get access to something that you aren't satisfied of yourself.

It pays to do some research about the best options and eventually, get access to the ultimate flight sim software that would let you experience what real life flying is.

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Get Relief For Baby’s Eczema

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Treatments for Eczema in babies can be a little thin on the ground, which is pretty tough to bear if your little one is a sufferer. Doctors will do all they can, but many medical treatments focus solely on the symptoms of Eczema, instead of the roots. There are a few tips to follow that may help you get some real relief for baby.

Bathe Baby as often as you can, ideally twice a day. Obviously take extra special care that the water is the right temperature-85 degrees is about perfect for battling Eczema. When you clean baby, use toiletries that are aimed for babies, and always always always try to use natural unscented products. The perfuming chemicals in many products can have awful effects on Eczema ridden skin-not what we want for our little guy!

Tip 2
Moisturize the little fellow. It's a pretty obvious fact that the higher the moisture content in human skin, the less itchy it is. Itching is a particularly large factor in Baby Eczema, as baby doesn't know what's happening-this causes them to become more and more stressed and upset, which in turn only effects the itching and makes it worse! It can be a vicious cycle, and hopefully you can keep your little one out of it by regular moisturization. It's best to do this after bathing, and obviously use the correct products for infants, especially unscented stuff.

Bedding and clothing can be a big factor in Eczema, because it rubs against our skin night and day-this is especially true for baby. Can you imagine being swaddled in a fabric that was itching you non stop? It would drive the little guy crazy! To make sure the bedding and clothing is in the best possible way for the baby, try to use things that are made from only the very softest 100% cotton, and keep it laundered frequently. The more frequently it's cleaned, the less bacteria will have a chance to build up. It's also a good idea to make sure that any detergent used in the laundry is very mild and scent free. Another point is to bear in mind that your own clothing may also irritate baby, so avoid woolen fabrics and anything else itchy.

Seeing your little one suffering with Eczema can be one of the worst feelings in the world. The tips above can give you a little power to fight back, and hopefully earn some peace for your baby.

More Information To Eczema Treatment Click Here

Treating Baby Angular Cheilitis

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It is well known that babies are much more sensitive than adults and that for them facing a certain disease or illness is far harder than it is for adult people. This is why they must receive special attention when one or another condition affects their skin. Angular Cheilitis is one of those skin conditions which can be quite harsh on babies. It usually appears in the corners of their mouths, as these areas are almost always wet, thus favoring the development and growth of fungi and bacteria. The most affected categories of babies are those who are given the pacifier on a regular basis, as they will always have saliva on the corners of their mouth.

In addition to that, babies' immune system is quite underdeveloped, so fighting bacteria can become a real challenge for it, a challenge which is usually lost by the baby as their immune system is not yet strong enough to effectively fight bacteria. This makes them prone to Angular Cheilitis.

But what should you do when this type of skin condition affects your little baby? Well, it is recommended that you take action from the first cracks that appear on the skin, regardless of how small they are. The faster you start treating them the greater are the chances that they will not suffer a lot from it. Purchase a skin moisturizer specially created for babies and apply a low amount of it periodically, so that your baby will not lick the affected areas. This will also hydrate the skin and prevent further cracking. In addition to that the cream will trap the bacteria inside, thus killing them. It is even better if you can find a cream containing antibiotics that is suitable for your baby. This will prevent the infection and will stop the skin condition from its evolution.

In addition to that, maintain a thorough hygiene inside the house and disinfect all the things your little one touches. Also, wash them and their clothes with antibacterial soap. Last, but not least, avoid giving them the pacifier, at least while they still have the cracks on their skin. If you cannot make them give up this habit make sure you always wipe the saliva from the corners of the mouth to prevent the aggravation of the cheilosis.

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The Root of Success in Mafia Wars

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Warcraft There are so many people playing Mafia Wars with so many different styles of play that it might seem impossible to become one of the truly good ones who are capable of knocking off his or her opponents with ease and practiced skill. Yet, there are some very specific things you can do that, if done properly, will help you be successful at the game no matter what your play style is.

Building Your Mafia

Your mafia is the single most important thing for you success in this game. If you want to do well, make sure you have a decent sized collection of family members even as you just get started. This can be done easily enough by contacting all your friends, going to blogs and swapping mafia members with other mafias on forums. Never spend your Godfather points on getting new members however. It's not worth it.

Getting Godfather Points

Godfather points are the root of all success in this game. The attack power and defensive boosts you get from loading up on these points is enough to help you take on enemies 50 or 100 levels higher than you. That kind of power up is almost impossible to come by any other way. The key here is not to spend cash on these or to give away your real contact info to the special offers that the game wants you to fill out. Rather, use a fake email address and sign up for as many that don't require credit card numbers as possible.

Playing Every Day

If you play the game every day you can do a tremendous job of tapping your energy when it is available and getting the most out of your account. Additionally, you can play the lottery daily and get a much better rate of return on your Godfather points. You don't need to play hours a day, but a 10 minute login every day will do wonders for your play.

If you do these things, are ruthless with your opponents and never fall behind in the game, you will quickly find that you can blast your way to the top of the Mafia Wars hierarchy without having to pay any extra cash, or wheedle any favors out of your fellow players. Just play well, be careful and build your mafia quickly. Those are the secrets to success.


The Basics of Learning How to Play Cityville

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Cityville has become the most popular social networking game over the internet today that is why new players are looking for tips on how to play Cityville to give them more insight and effective strategies before they check out the game for themselves. A lot of websites are publishing various how-to guides, and in keeping with tradition, here are several tips to help you on your way to building your own city with success.

The first thing that you should know about how to play Cityville before even constructing your first building is to have a plan for everything. You have to know where you should position your buildings or establishments to maximize the space allotted to your city in its initial stages. Plan ahead as to which buildings should be constructed where and make adjustments if necessary to accommodate each structure. Having a well-planned city can earn you more coins and cash, and this is because you gain more experience faster.

Once you have settled and established your first building, you can then proceed to plan which businesses you can put up. This is a very important move in playing Cityville especially if you're just in the initial stages. Make sure that you set up businesses that provide you with larger revenue than most, as this will determine how much coin and cash you can generate each time your businesses turns up a profit. This will also increase the rate by which you level, therefore allowing you to unlock more businesses and buildings to make your city prosper.

Another tip on how to play Cityville is to complete all your goals as early as possible. This will enable you to charge up on energy sooner and complete other goals during the day. Learn to prioritize the tasks that need the most attention and get them done before the menial jobs.

Perhaps the most important tip on playing Cityville is to get as many neighbors as you can since these people can help you with your goals and with the management of your community buildings. Don't forget to return the favor by sending out gifts regularly and you'll surely be able to grow your city with success. Neighbors are very valuable in the development of your city, and you should learn to appreciate the role that they play and give them back some of the courtesy that they deserve. Once you get these tips on how to play Cityville down pat, you'll have no problems in building the most successful city among your friends.


The Best Cabin Plans For You

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If you are thinking of constructing a retreat in a peaceful location or in a place where tranquility is present, then building a cabin is a perfect fit for you. I recommend you to get the best cabin plan if you are planning to build a cabin. To find the ideal plan is not that hard; a cabin in the wilderness can easily become a reality because there are many detailed blueprints, which are readily available off the internet or to any manufacturers that primarily deals with cabin.

Obtaining planning permission is the first and most essential thing to do. The size, where you can locate your cabin and whether or not it is a hindrance to any wildlife are probably the rules they will be imposing. Moreover, to avoid the risk of having it demolished you should get a permit first before building a cabin. Getting a permit would also give you an advantage, should you decide to sell the cabin in the future you can do so with no problem since the building has permit and constructed legally.

You will need to consider the general layout that cabin is likely to have like how many floors and how many bedrooms the cabin will possess. These factors will give you perspective as to how your cabin is constructed. How you are going to accommodate your cabin with appliances and furniture should be taken into consideration making sure everything is installed efficiently and safely.

When planning a cabin the quality of the wood is an important factor. To ensure it does not become moist in the heat and is waterproof, the wood should be treated. To ensure your cabin is cool in the summer time and warm in the winter you must take into consideration the position of the windows. Another important factor that you have to consider when building a cabin is a good circulation of air that would be coming in and out of the structure.

Time, effort and money are factors that have to be taken into account when building a plan from scratch. To have everything laid out for you, then acquiring the best cabin plan would certainly be a big help. Which tools to be use, exact measurements of every corner and of every angle, and even the kind of materials you would need in building a cabin is the information that you would get from the plan. Well thought out plan would surely help in constructing the cabin successfully.

Whether you are on a vacation for a few weeks or living permanently on a log home built is a dream come true for someone who aspire to experience life living in a cabin.

Getting more ideas about CABIN PLANS is a great way to start in fulfilling your dream of owning a cabin.

Download 15 bunkhouse and small cabin plans

Shaman PvE Guide

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The shaman is described as the spiritual leader of his tribe and clan and master of the elements. As a hybrid class, he is one of the most versatile classes in the game, capable of being a healer, melee or ranged damage dealer, depending on how you choose to spend your character's talent points. In addition, they come with an awesome array of buffs in the form of totems, which when planted on the ground will provide your group with various boosts to their abilities.

At the beginning, the shaman is only able to wear cloth and leather armor but will be able to equip mail starting at level 40. This ensures they are not overly squishy but naturally they're not as durable as Warrior or Paladin who wear plate. They can wield various weapons ranging from 1-hand maces, daggers, axes, shields, fist weapons or staves. If you are so inclined, you may also learn to wield 2-hand axes and maces by investing points into your Enhancement tree.

Totems are what separate the Shaman from the rest of the other classes and it is also the driving force behind the shaman's adaptability in combat. Up to four can be dropped on the ground at any given time, and the buffs they grant your entire group can be divided into the 4 major elements :- Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and only one element can be channeled at any given time.

Potential shaman players should also take note that totems are very weak, possessing only 5 HP or slightly more. While computer-generated mobs will rarely target them, you will have to place them strategically while battling human opponents. The effects of the totem is only around a certain radius therefore you will have to keep that in mind during combat. Some totems will affect all the members of the party in the radius while others will only affect a set amount of teammates/enemies.

A high quality Shaman PvE Guide should be able to bring all these elements into discussion as well as what talent spec to choose and how to use it effectively in combat. Your ability to play all the roles effectively by using your unique totems, shields and buffs is what makes you a good or not so good Shaman.

This class requires a huge deal of practice and careful attantion and even then, they are going to be one of the hardest classes in the game to master. However, if you manage to pull it off, your hard work will be rewarded with a permanent spot in any raid as shamans are one of the most important classes in the game, bar none.

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Search Engine Relationships To Marketing

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Make Money OnlineThe landscape of search engines have went through some drastic changes over the years. Not only with technology, but also with various partnerships between the many different search companies as well.

You might be running your search engine queries on a particular search engine, although who is actually supplying the results – it could be a different company altogether.

Below, is a list of the search engines that feed your precious keywords:


Yahoo provides the primary search results for Yahoo search, Alta Vista, and AllTheWeb, and receives paid listings from Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture).


Google provides the primary search engine results to Google AOL Search and also Netscape. Google also supplies paid listings to Lycos, Ask, Netscape, AOL Search, and HotBot. It also supplies secondary results to HotBot and receives it's directory data from DMOZ.


Lycos receives the directory search results from DMOZ, primary results from Ask, and paid listings from Google Adwords.


Hotbot receives directory search results from DMOZ, primary search results from Ask, and paid/secondary results from Google Adwords.


Ask provides primary results to Ask, Hotbot, and Lycos. It receives secondary search results from Teoma and the directory results from DMOZ, with paid listings from Google Adwords.

In relations to marketing, search engines can provide anything you want to know. If someone is looking for something, they normally refer to the search engines. When they type it in, the highest sites on the engines will show – which is normally where the visitor will go.

By keeping good position on the search engines, you'll be near the first for visitors who are looking for a certain product. You can make a lot of money with search engines as well, if you know what you are doing.

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Rift: Planes of Telara – How Different Are We Talking?

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So, there is another MMO fresh on the market and that means there are a few dozen opinions already comparing it to World of Warcraft, both favourably and unfavourably. I personally am reserving judgment until the game hits the end cap when we can really see how good it is. Without seeing the end of the game, it's nearly impossible to know if we're talking about a good game or a polished game – two very different things.

But, so far so good. I've seen some epic Rift battles, great PvP and surprisingly well balanced souls considering there are so many of them. For players new to Rift, you'll be playing as a character from one of six races making up two factions. While the two factions very much don't like each other, they are fighting a common enemy and that means a lot of very interesting quests and storylines that will play out throughout the game.

The game itself is not necessarily easy. Making Platinum is hard, levelling is slow going (though fun with the quests provided) and the game has a good chunk of end-game content to play through. So, if you're used to new MMOs that let you down on day one, this is not one of those games. In fact, it very well might be the first game in a while for which I want a strategy guide right out of the gate. Most games I can find my way through pretty well, but this one is looking more and more to be a help first kind of game.

And thus far, the best guide I've seen is called Rift Secrets from Tony Sanders. It's over at his website and it's loaded with good tips on how to beat your opponents in Warfronts and Dungeons alike. If you're into this game as much as I am, definitely check this guide out.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for this product and receive a commission for sales made.

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Photoshop Tools – Take Control and Start Doing Professional Level Graphics

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If you are learning Photoshop you are in for a treat. The capabilities of Adobe Photoshop are unlimited. There is virtually nothing you cannot do if you are familiar with all of the available tools, features and functions.

Some of the tools and features available in Photoshop include: text tool, paint bucket, lasso, magic wand, crop tool, gradient fill, layers, effects, history brush, and the clone tool. This is only a small sample of the functions available to Photoshop users for creating professional quality digital images and graphic designs.

The following are just a small sample of the cool things you will be able to do when you have learned how to use the basic tools available in Photoshop. Please note that these functions are available regardless of whether you are using Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop CS or Photoshop CS 2.

Color to Black & White

Now you can see how those photos will look black and white. There is no need to use expensive black and white film. You can easily convert any color image to black and white in Photoshop with just a few clicks. In fact, you can even apply various filters to adjust the contrast for truly professional results.

Color and Black and White

Everyone loves mixing a little color into an otherwise black and white image. For example, a close up of a bride and groom's hands with everything black and white except the gold wedding bands. Creating this effect is simply when you have learned the tools available in Photoshop.

Restore Damaged Photographs

You can renew and restore old or damaged photos in minutes with Photoshop. Your family and friends will all be sending you're their old photographs for restoration. You could even start a business providing this service.

Create Cool Effects

You will be able to add fancy borders to your photographs or create photos that look like a paintings and much more.

Crop and Resize

Crop photos to remove unwanted objects or resize for printing.

Learn Photoshop and master the tools available and these are only a few of the things you will be able to do. Photoshop is the only tool you will ever need for digital photo editing or graphic art design.

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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – The Real Deal

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Living in this information age, there is a lot of confusing info about hypertension, blood pressure medication and how to HBP with out modern pills. Let's face it; your family doctor is more likely to put you on BP meds than look for another route to reduce your HBP.

Yes there is big pharma pushing their next wonder drug that will decrease your cholesterol, lower HBP and reduce your waistline at the same time.

Listen, both you and I know that most HBP drugs have terrible side effects, constipation, dizziness and headaches just to name a few.

The only problem is that everyone and their brother claim to have the miracle blood pressure cure; however if you look hard enough you may find the real deal for solutions to reduce hypertension blood pressure naturally.

But this does not necessarily mean that you will get off your HBP meds medication. Do not get fooled by unrealistic false promises.

Any time you look for some kind of natural remedy or system to lower BP there should be criteria set out so you can make an informed decision to order, purchase or buy.

Here are some things you should look for when looking for a natural solution to rid yourself of hypertension:

1) Was the author ever on blood pressure medication
2) How old is the author? – is it easier to lower blood pressure when you twenty or fifty?
3) Are there any outrageous claims on the "sales /home" page
4) Do you need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle -(listen you and both know if you smoke and drink a lot you may be in for a rough ride…)
5) Do you have the opportunity to get a refund?
6) Does the solution combine eating, moving and breathing to lower blood pressure?
7) Do you need to supplement?( does it depends on you or the quality of the supplement?)

Both you and I know that the silent killer can be deadly if we don't anything about it. Lowering BP to get off blood pressure medication is possible for some people; however there are others out there looking to make a quick buck and will tell you that you absolutely can get off the BP meds.

Buyer beware; hope that they have a money back guarantee regardless if it is a book or a supplement you take.

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Modifying Standard Shapes in Photoshop

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Have you ever wondered how someone was able to create a logo that looked so perfect?

I used to think that someone probably had to draw the logo by hand, but then I learned some very interesting things about creating shapes in Photoshop. I used to think that you could only create standard shapes like ovals, rectangles, squares, and circles.

However I recently learned that Photoshop gives you the ability to take these standard shapes and modify them to make new shapes that are very appealing.

The way that this is accomplished is by selecting the path of the shape and manipulating it to create a completely new and different shape.

The first thing that you need to do is create a shape like a rectangle or an oval.

Then choose the direct selection tool (white arrow), and select the path around the shape.

You will know that you have selected the path, because you will see anchor points at the corners of the shape. Once you see the anchor points you will be able to click the anchor points and use them to resize and redesign the shape.

The best thing about using paths to change the shape's design is that the shape maintains its crisp lines, and looks just as good as a standard shape. How are you able to do this?

The reason these changes are so clean is that the shape is vector based, and not pixel based, so you are able to just manipulate the vectors that comprise the shape. Another great thing about editing a shape in this way is that whatever formatting you have used on the shape will not be affected by modifying the path.

If you have a gradient fill on the shape it will be modified as you modify the path of the shape, and it will maintain the same look as before you modified the shape.

Now that you know how to modify the path of a shape you are no longer limited by the standard shapes that appear in the tools palette.

Use your freedom wisely, and take this new found knowledge to you computer so you can create graphics that everyone else will envy for a change. Visit Photoshop Plugin

Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop in a 2 Hour Easy To Use Photoshop Video Tutorial.

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My Short Review of Mafia Wars Blueprint, Does it Really Work?

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Warcraft I love Mafia Wars. Don't ask me why. It's a silly, very basic interfaced game that really only draws so much attention because people want to see how their friends are doing. But, for millions every day, it is an entertaining diversion that allows them to show off how good they are at networking and completing simple tasks.

Using a Guide

But, let's face it. Mafia Wars, for as simple as it seems, is tough to do well in. There are just so many people out there and you have to compete with every single one of them. They rob you, beat you up and take all the good mafia members. So, where do you go to find the path to glory without spending tons of cash (*cough* Godfather Points *cough*).

The answer is simple enough now that I've stumbled upon the Mafia Wars Blueprint. This guide, which was recently released to quite a bit of interest, is quickly becoming the go to guide for anyone truly serious about finding the best guide on the market to help them launch their Mafioso career.

The basics are relatively simple. The guide shows you how to get started in the game, how to build your mafia at rapid speed without having to spend a dime, and how to never actually get beaten by your enemies.

Beyond that though, it shows you to reduce the time spent while getting more from that time. The biggest problem most people have with this game is that they're not bored college students who have nothing better to do than to sit around and play the game.

So, a guide like this that breaks it down in a way that makes it incredibly easy to get a lot done very quickly is incredibly impressive.

Do You Need a Good Guide

You may not think you need a good guide, but the odds are that you're just as far behind everyone as I was a few weeks ago. The Mafia Wars Blueprint is the real deal. It's going to get you to where you need to be, where you can dominate your enemies, and quickly land atop the heap of millions that play this game. You do that and you'll be pretty much set for as long as you continue to play the game.


PvE Formula Review

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With the release of the World of Warcraft Expansion: Cataclysm, both first time players and old school gamers are going to face totally new and dynamic challenges when playing WoW. Ever since the game launched in 2004, expansions have always been a difficult time, and this is exactly the case with this expansion as Blizzard will be introducing massive changes to the PvE landscape that we have known and grown to love. It is a well known fact that the raids in the current version are among the hardest encounters Blizzard has ever made.

This is precisely the issue PvE Formula will address, and upon closer inspection of this guide, you'll find that it is tailored specifically towards helping you understand and eventually plough through all the end-game content Cataclysm has to offer.

PvE Formula Review

Let's face the facts – whether you are a casual or hardcore player, getting ahead in this new environment will not be easy – anyone remember how insanely difficult it was back in the early days of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King? Even if you plan to spend a lot of time playing, you'll soon realize that you will not be getting anywhere fast a proper strategy or the right team setup.

This is exactly what PvE Formula is going to address, and you will find that this PvE guide written by Dylan Trevor, an expert authority on all things PvE and raid leader of one of the best PvE Guild in the world, reveals the blueprint to total domination for practically every raid in the game, from Blackwing Depths all the way to Sinestra on Heroic Mode. Incredibly comprehensive and masterfully written, PvE Formula tackles every topic imaginable in its quest to get you to exactly where you want to be on the PvE front.

Among the chapters include the basic, yet vital, need-to-know stuff, such as the raiding fundamentals every raider should know, complete class guides, detailed and comprehensive walkthroughs for every instance in the game and so much more.

To wrap up our review of PvE Formula, it must be mentioned that this Guide is written to appeal to players of all skill levels, making it a wonderful change from other guides on the market that seem to be tailored solely for players who already have all the basics covered. With this guide, you will be able to learn a ton of tips and tricks that will help you cultivate the skills needed to become a top level raider and all-round player.

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Save Energy And Money By Using Your Phone Line For Electricity

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How many times have you not thought about effective ways through which you can cut off on your expenses? How many times did you not feel like there is no way through which you can save money from your electricity bill? How many times have you not though about giving up the appliances which make your life so comfortable? If your answer to all of these questions is "many times", then you should know that you can reach your goal, that of saving money from the electricity bill, without having to give up the things which make yours and your family's lives much easier and more comfortable.

All you have to do to decrease the amount of money you spend on electricity is to build a device that will gather energy from the phone line. This device is rather simple to make and use and can be completed in no more than two hours. Yet, once you have the system which will capture the energy from the phone line you will save lots of money from the electricity bill. Simply by switching some of your appliances from normal power to the power coming from the phone line you will manage to decrease considerably the electricity bill. Think about your portable radio player or television, your hair drier or your electrical stove, think about all those electrical things you love so much and you had to give up because of the great energy you were consuming. Now you will be able to use the energy gathered from the phone line to power them and enjoy their benefits.

In addition to brining back the comfort to which you were used to before you had to cut off the expenses, the device capturing the energy from the phone line will also be great for those times when the power system collapses and there is no more electricity. The phone companies will still have energy on their lines, energy that you can take advantage of. This way, your food from the fridge and your television will not be affected in any way. Quite a great think if you live in an area where the power system collapses frequently!

Saving money from the electricity bill has never been simpler. Just build your own device and gather all the energy you need for your electrical appliances!

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SEO and traffic generation

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I own a lot of different websites and I don't really have time to focus on SEO and traffic generation, so I've tried all kinds of search engine submission programs. I can tell you from personal experience that Search Engine Submitter is one of the best services that I have found.

With most search engine submission services, you give them your website URL and then nothing ever happens. You don't get any more traffic to your website, you don't see your site starting to appear in the search engine results pages, and then when you try to contact customer service you either don't get a response of they keep telling you to give it more time. Well, the point of services like these is supposed to be to help you start generating traffic quickly and appearing in the search engine results fast. If it's going to take these other submission services months and months to start working, it's not worth it!

With Search Engine Submitter, though, I started to see a real increase in my traffic within a couple days, and I started to see my website appearing in search engine results within the first week. And it wasn't just the smaller search engines either – my site started to appear in big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And the longer I used Search Engine Submission, the more traffic I got! And the more traffic I get to my site the more sales I make, so the service paid for itself within the first week.

What I really liked about Search Engine Submitter is that you only pay a one-time fee for the service instead of a recurring fee, even if you get the Platinum Plan, which gives you monthly submission services. You can continue to see increases in traffic and better search engine rankings for a long, long time, but you don't have to keep paying for it!

Search Engine Submitter has great customer service too. They only offer email support, but they've always responded to my questions quickly and courteously and have given me all kinds of tips that have really helped me to get the most out of my websites. It would be nice if they offered telephone support as well, but I don't have anything to complain about as far as the quality of their customer support.

Overall I would highly recommend Search Engine Submitter to anyone who wants to really increase their website traffic and get their site seen on the search engines. I've tried just about every search engine submission site out there, and I haven't found one better than Search Engine Submitter for price or quality. Highly recommend!


Symptoms of Rosacea and its cure!

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As everyone knows that skin is the largest organ of a human body. When you are afflicted by any skin ailment, the whole body suffers a lot and it becomes quite difficult to undergo such condition. So, you should always be very careful and keen regarding your skin and its proper care. There are many skin disorders like acne, inflammation, skin rashes and warts etc. Such skin diseases have a cure and they can be controlled easily but the most persistent skin ailment that takes a lot of time to heal is Rosacea.

There can be many reasons of this skin disease like it can be transferred from one person to another unless you make a physical contact with the afflicted person. Saliva of the mouth also plays a vital role to transfer the virus of this skin disease and mainly this virus affects the face. The most common parts of face where the virus of Rosacea attacks are Nose, Cheeks, Mouth and forehead.

You might be thinking about the symptoms of this disease and how it attacks an individual. Well, a virus starts reproducing in human body and it destroys the most crucial amino acids of the human body. In this way the immune system of human body becomes weaker and the disease totally overcomes the whole body by leaving its signs on the face. The age of victims of this persistent ailment lies between 30 – 60 years old people; so, you can say that the virus usually attacks adults. There are many symptoms of this disease like itching on skin, burning and irritation. After Rosacea is being diagnosed, it is highly recommended to take precautionary measures and apply cures for this skin disease.

Symptoms of Rosacea are quite tricky because in initial stages it is quite difficult to recognize it. When the virus attacks the skin in its basic stage, it is quite similar to pimples and sunburn. Thus, thousands of people neglect these symptoms by considering it harmless but once the virus reaches to its final stage it becomes quite difficult to bear the pain and irritation of this disease.

Once the germs of Rosacea totally overcome your immune system the victim starts feeling itchiness, flushing on the affected parts and irritation. To overcome such painful attributes of this disease it is recommended to clean the affected parts smoothly on regular basis, avoid hot and spicy foods, and apply proper creams.

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The Beginners Guide To Woodworking – Woodwork Crafts

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Woodworking is great since it can be a hobby as well as a profession. You can make plenty of money on woodworking projects if you're talented. You can build armchairs, tables, beds and many other things and if you build really nice things you will be able to sell them.
tedsplans download
The great thing with the woodworking craft is that it can give families with low income the possibility to have some really nice furniture as well as other things in their homes since they will be able to create these items with their own hands. It takes time to become really skillful of course but everyone has to start somewhere in order to become successful. It's never too late to start working with woodworking projects and it's a fun hobby to practice as well.

Get some help online

If you're interested in learning more about the woodworking craft you should definitely perform some research on the net. You will be able to find plenty of useful tips there and you will soon be able to start practice what you've learned. You can also get much help if you become member of a forum on the net where woodworking craft is discussed.

When you've read a few guidance articles online you will know that you need some basic woodworking tools when you want to start working on your woodworking plans. A saw is a tool that you can't live without if you want to become a woodworking talent. You will need more than one saw, at least two saws, perhaps more. You also need to buy at least one jig and a knife is always good to have as well. These tools are the basic things you need to have to get started but you might have to buy a few other tools as well when you proceed to more advanced woodworking projects.

Get yourself a hobby that can satisfy you

The woodworking craft is a hobby that can be very satisfying. It feels great to know that you've built the nice things that you have in your home and your family will most likely be very happy about it as well. This is a great hobby to have and it can become your profession one day if you spend enough time on it.

It's a great feeling to be able to build something from wood with your own hands. You can come up with new woodworking plans every month and finish them as soon as you have some time off from work.

Download over 16,000 woodworking plans and designs right here

The WoW Colosseum Review – Is The WoW Colosseum a Scam?

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Is The WoW Colosseum a gimmick? The program continues to be produced to reveal most of the secrets behind the overall game of Wow, helping battling gamers to maximize the potential for their figures. By searching at how many of these Wow gamers play, it's obvious that many of them are wasting far a lot of time doing non-productive stuff that are not so useful in the overall game.

1. What's this The WoW Colosseum System About?

With this particular course, its creator has produced something he calls the be-all and end-all of all WoW guides, helping gamers learn to play their class correctly, steps to make gold rapidly, together with raid and PvP methods. After explaining all of the concepts behind his methods,he proceeds to reveal how to handle all of the methods in step-by-step detail through top quality video lessons.

2. What Are a few of Aspects and Abilities Revealed within the The WoW Colosseum Program?

From things i see, this informative guide has covered all the facets of the overall game, something which very few game guides provide in a single package. You will find some videos that demonstrate people many abilities like using treasures to level more rapidly, knowing your character's role correctly and making the most of it, using race and sophistication combination's in addition to crowd control etc. All of the methods are created to be cover the facets of the overall game that become important you achieve level 85 and beyond. Jason then continues to discuss getting the most from PVP methods, gold making tips in the ah as well as farming for gold.

3. Who is The Creator of The WoW Colosseum and Why Should I Listen To Him ?

The creative force behind The WoW Colosseum is none other than Jason Devlin. Many gamers in the WoW community might have already heard of him, or at the very least, his exploits which have garnered much attention throughout the years.
He has invested considerable time into the game, and it shines through in his brilliantly written articles and tutorials. He has since gone on to try different strategies and has made many discoveries, changing the way we play the game forever.
So there you have it. I really do feel that The WoW Colosseum has done more than enough to distinguish itself from the slew of crappy guides that have been flooding the marketplace in recent memory.

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The Easy Methods to Increase Height

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Are you unhappy with being short? Many believe that their height is inevitable and unchangeable, a trait designed by their genes. This simply isn't true. There are many methods to increase height that are very effective.
Grow Taller
In order to understand why they're effective, it's important to learn how we grow in the first place. When we are babies, we have many more bones than we do as adults. Why is this? This is mostly because, as babies, some of our bones are made of cartilage. As we grow, this cartilage warps and melds and hardens to form adult bones. During puberty, cartilage growth plates located at the ends of our longer bones start to lengthen slowly. This is what contributes to the wild growth spurts we experience.

Knowing that, here are some helpful methods to increase height:

1. Exercise

When you are experiencing puberty, exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only does it release helpful height growth hormones, but it also keeps your bones healthy and strong. By exercising regularly during puberty, you can make the most of your growth spurts.

Exercising when you're an adult is also very helpful. It keeps you from gaining weight, which can put additional stress on your bones. Being slender also aids in creating the illusion that you're taller. However, it's impossible to lengthen your bones through stretches and exercises after they've finished growing.

2. Diet.

Your diet has one of the biggest effects on your bones and your height. Did you know that not getting enough nutrients when you're young can result in stunted growth? It's true! Calcium in particular is very important for healthy, growing bones. Foods that are rich in protein, amino acids, calories, and other nutrients help give your body what it needs to have enough energy and stamina. It also aids in replenishing your body when it needs it.

3. Wardrobe

If you're an adult and wish you were taller, there are several ways you can alter your appearance to make yourself look taller. You can do this by dressing in dark, solid colors or pinstripes. Wearing shoes with heels or height enhancing insoles may sound like an obvious solution, but it works. Wearing bigger shoes, such as boots or tennis shoes, can make your feet look bigger, which helps the illusion.

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Using Bed Woodworking Plans To Build A Custom Bed

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Would you like to get a more stylish and nice looking bed for your bedroom? Have you ever considered to build one yourself? It's actually possible and you can start making plans even if you're still a beginner. It's certainly not easy to construct a new bed but you will make it if you're willing to learn a lot about woodworking.

Bed woodworking plans is exactly what you need when you want to create a new bed for your home. It's also possible to make improvements on the bed you already have. It's not easy either but you will most likely become very satisfied when you've finished the project, at least if you read the bed woodworking plans carefully before you start.

One thing that can be good to keep in mind is the fact that it can actually be quite complex to read bed woodworking plans when you're a rookie. It will be a lot easier if you gain some knowledge on the topic before you start looking for suitable plans. Read as much as you can find about woodworking. You will be able to find plenty of articles, forums, questions and answers on the net and if you need even more information you can always use books and magazines. You will find all the answers you might need eventually if you're patient.

When you've studied woodworking craft for quite some time you will most likely be ready to start searching for the proper bed woodworking plans. It's a big bonus if you can finish a few smaller projects before you start with the bed project since that's a quite large and complex project and not the mort suitable project to start with.

When you think you might be ready for a big woodworking project it's time to start searching for good bed woodworking plans. You should try find that matches your demands and you should also try to find a quite easy plan that you can follow without too big difficulties. It's not impossible to create a very nice bed and you will be able to succeed if you're prepared with plenty of patience and quite much knowledge. You don't have to work as a craftsman but it's certainly a good thing if you know someone who works with it since he will be able to help you with some guidance and advice if needed. It's always good to have someone to turn to for advice when you experience some problems.

Download over 16,000 woodworking plans and designs right here

Use These Height Increasing Techniques to Look Taller

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In today's word, many people dislike being short. Fortunately, there are many different methods for increasing your height and promoting good bone health. Many don't realize it, but these two go hand in hand. Follow these height increasing tips and you'll see what I mean.
Grow Taller
Exercising is very important when growing taller, especially when you hit puberty. This is a crucial time in everyone's life. If you don't exercise, you risk becoming unhealthily overweight. This puts additional strain on your bones, which in turns affects your bone health later in life. Exercising to grow taller is effective. When you're young, intense exercise releases height growth hormones, which in turn helps cause much of the growth spurts you experience.

However, do not believe any program that claims to be able to stretch or lengthen your bones through stretches after you've reached puberty. To understand why, you must first know how our bones grow.

When we are infants, we have over 100 more bones than we do as an adult. Many of these new bones are made of cartilage. As we grow up, this cartilage shifts and hardens to form solid adult bones. Additionally, cartilage growth plates on the ends of our longer bones are what help our bones lengthen when we grow. Once they stop growing, nothing will make them grow again. They're done.

However, exercising as an adult can still help you look taller. It produces muscle mass and slims you down, which makes it easier to maintain the illusion that you're taller than you really are.

Diet is also extremely important. Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients you can provide yourself—they promote strong, healthy bones. Depriving yourself of calcium results in your body using stores of its own calcium to make up for the lack—which results in your bones actually weakening as their calcium stores grow lower. Add protein, calories, amino acids, and other essential nutrients, and you have what you need to make your body strong and healthy.

Keeping your bones healthy throughout your life can actually prevent you growing even shorter when you get older. When we become elderly, our bones have a greater tendency to weaken and even shrink. By not taking care of your bones, you put yourself at risk for osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

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With Flight Simulation Anyone Can Learn to Fly!

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Real Flight Simulator ProFlightSimulator Banner 250x250Flight simulation and using flight simulators has created a new world for all would be pilots in their own home.

Flight Simulation has reached a stage of such realism that it can be quite awesome!

When you have been on holiday and enjoyed the flight getting there and back, have you ever wished you were the pilot? Most people have dreams about being a pilot and flying their own plane. FLIGHT SIMULATION is a risk free way to experience the thrills of flying.

This computerised game system is so realistic, it allows anyone to sit at home and experience the feeling of sitting in an aircraft cockpit and flying a plane. So, for those of us who really want to feel they are flying, then using a FLIGHT SIMULATION system is the answer.

Imagine taking to the air in a variety of aircraft from light planes, to airliners, to military aircraft, to helicopters and having the choice to fly anywhere in the whole wide world. Imagine sitting in a realistic 3D cockpit that gives you complete control of the aircraft!

You can even programme yourself to patrol the skies in your state of the art fighter aircraft in defence of your country or perhaps pilot a 747 with a full passenger list any where you fancy in the world or even take off on a hazardous flight in a helicopter ambulance on a mercy mission.

Why not take your family on a pleasure flight to admire the countryside or even a night flight to see the world from above.

There are so many variations on what can be enjoyed and are possible through Flight Simulation. You can:. Test your flying skills with different aircraft types.

. Land at thousands of different airports night or day.

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. Fly using autopilot.

. Use air to air refuelling.

Flight simulation has really come of age and what used to be considered just 'games' are now amazing, true to life flight simulators that will have you eagerly awaiting your next chance to get at the controls for your next flight with you as the pilot!

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Humoral Immunity
Capparis sepiaria, Kanthari, Nallauppi
Pandanus tectorius

On 24 May 2012 18:17, Padmaja <> wrote:
Can any one provide these articles
1.     Characterization of post-surgical alterations in the bile duct-cannulated rat

Dalila Bachir-Cherif, Denise Blum, Annamaria Braendli-Baiocco, Evelyne Chaput, Gonzalo Christiano Duran Pacheco, Nicholas Flint1, Monika Haiker, Jean-Christophe Hoflack, Nicole Justies, Rachel Neff, Volkmar Starke, Guido Steiner, Charles Alexandre Tournillac, Thomas Singer, Geneviève Ubeaud-Séquier, Franz Schuler


August 2011, Vol. 41, No. 8 , Pages 701-711



2.     An updated and simplified method for bile duct cannulation of rats.

Tønsberg H, Holm R, Bjerregaard TG, Boll JB, Jacobsen J, Müllertz A.

Laboratory Animals.

2010 Oct;44(4):373-6. Epub 2010 Aug 24.


3.     Comparison of haematology, coagulation and clinical chemistry parameters in blood samples from the sublingual vein and vena cava in Sprague–Dawley rats

J Seibel, K Bodié, S Weber, D Bury, M Kron and G Blaich

Lab Anim October 2010 vol. 44 no. 4 344-351


4.     Local Absorption Kinetics of Levofloxacin from Intestinal Tract into Portal Vein in Conscious Rat Using Portal-Venous Concentration Difference

Yusuke Fujieda, Kiyoshi Yamaoka, Takashi Ito and Terumichi Nakagawa

Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 13, Number 8 (1996), 1201-1204,

DOI: 10.1023/A:1016012203496


5.     Method to Estimate the Rate and Extent of Intestinal Absorption in Conscious Rats Using an Absorption Probe and Portal Blood Sampling

Daniel J. Hoffman, Terese Seifert, Anthony Borre and Hugh N. Nellans

Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 12, Number 6 (1995), 889-894, DOI: 10.1023/A:1016221322886


6.     Evaluation of Intestinal Absorption into the Portal System in Enterohepatic Circulation by Measuring the Difference in Portal–Venous Blood Concentrations of Diclofenac

Kenji Tabata, Kiyoshi Yamaoka, Takako Fukuyama and Terumichi Nakagawa

Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 12, Number 6 (1995), 880-883,

DOI: 10.1023/A:1016217221977


7.     Local absorption kinetics into the portal system using the portal-venous concentration difference after an oral dose of diclofenac in the awakening rat. Accelerative effect of bile on intestinal absorption of diclofenac.

Tabata K, Yamaoka K, Fukuyama T, Nakagawa T

Drug Metabolism and Disposition.

1996 Feb;24(2):216-20.


8.     Regional blood flows by the microsphere method: reproducibility in portal hypertensive rats and influence of a portal vein catheter.

Hadengue A, Lee SS, Koshy A, Girod C, Lebrec D.

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1988 Apr;187(4):461-8.


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