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Total antioxidant capacity, hydrogen peroxide, malondialdehyde and total nitric oxide concentrations in patients with severe persistent allergic asthma: its relation to omalizumab treatment.

Clinical Laboratory. 2012;58(1-2):89-96.

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Medarticles MedArticles - Please help in the following full text.

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Please help in the following full text.

R. Radhakrishnan, R. M. Wadsworth, A. I. Gray, Terminalia arjuna, an ayurvedic cardiotonic, increases contractile force of rat isolated atria Phytotherapy Research, Volume 7, Issue 3, pages 266–268, May/June 1993 DOI: 10.1002/ptr.2650070314

Rao BS, Rao N, Archana PR, Gayathri P, Shetty P., Antioxidant and radiation antagonistic effect of Saraca indica., J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 2010;29(1):69-79.,265fcbc773531109,4ff259a87795df85.html

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Medarticles MedArticles - Need few full text articles.

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Need few full text articles.

G Imokawa. Structure and Function of Interecellular Lipids in the Stratum
Corneum. JOURNAL- JAPAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY, 44, no. 10, (1995): 751-766.


Structure and Function of Interecellular Lipids in the Stratum Corneum

Author:             Genji Imokawa

Publisher: Tōkyō : Nihon Yushi Kagaku Kyōkai, Shōwa 31 [1956]-Heisei 7
[1995] Edition/Format: [image: Article]Article : Japanese

Publication: Yukagaku = Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society. 44, no. 10,
(1995): 751


Title   Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal(Pharmacology Activity)
Publication Type        Journal Article
Year of Publication     2010
Authors Akram M, Mohiuddin E, Hannan A, Usmanghani K
Journal Pharmacognosy Journal
Volume  2
Issue   18
Pagination      77-80
Date Published  12/2010


Expert Opinion on Drug Safety, September 2006, Vol. 5, No. 5 : Pages
An evidence-based systematic review of herb and supplement
interactions by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration
Catherine Ulbricht, Ethan Basch, Wendy Weissner, and Dana Hackman
(doi: 10.1517/14740338.5.5.719)
Read More:


Ashwagandha Root - Withania somnifera
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia / 01-Jan-2000 / 25 pages
ISBN: 1929425074


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Medarticles MedArticles - Need 1 E-Book

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Need 1 E-Book

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients Rowe, Raymond C; Sheskey, Paul J;
Cook, Walter G; Fenton, Marian E. Seventh edition

ISBN 978 0 85711 027 5

Published Jun 2012

276 x 219mm (1064pp)

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Medarticles Need few E-Books. Please help.

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Need few E-Books. Please help.

Henry V. Dicks. Marital Tensions: Clinical Studies towards a Psychological Theory of Interaction

Product Details

§  Paper back: 368 pages

§  Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul Books; New edition edition (September 1983)

§  Language: English

§  ISBN-10: 0710200374

§  ISBN-13: 978-0710200372


Karnac Books, 01-Feb-1994 - Family & Relationships - 376 pages

In this book the author has gathered the various aspects of his theoretical and clinical approach to marriage difficulties into a coherent system, for the benefit of professional workers and students.


Resilience at Work: How to Succeed No Matter What Life Throws at You by Maddi & Khoshaba

Published by admin on June 20, 2012 | 0 Comment, ISBN-0814472605


HBR Guide to Managing Stress

Published by admin on November 12, 2011 | 0 Comment


Harvard Business Review 2004 (Full Year Collection)

Published by admin on June 17, 2012 | 0 Comment


Stress at Work: Management and Prevention by Jeremy Stranks

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Fluent English: Perfect Natural Speech, Sharpen Your Grammar, Master Idioms, Speak Fluently (Book+MP3)

Published by admin on November 7, 2011 | 6 Comments, ISBN-1400020883:


Self Discipline in 10 Days: How to Go From Thinking to Doing by Theodore Bryant

Published by admin on October 18, 2011 | 0 Comment, ISBN-047139906X


What Every New Manager Needs to Know: Making a Successful Transition to Management by Gerard H. Gaynor

Published by admin on June 17, 2012 | 0 Comment, ISBN-081447179x




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Your Top 5 Questions About Open Data

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June 27, 2012 Weekly Update
Top 5 Questions About Open Data Top 5 Questions About Open Data

People from around the world contact the World Bank's Open Data team every day in search of help with their data questions. Find answers to five commonly asked queries here.

South Asia's Nutrition Marketplace   Caribbean: Making Growth a Priority   Rio+20 Recap: The Promise of Action   Disaster Risk Reduction in Pacific Islands
South Asia's Nutrition Marketplace   Caribbean: Making Growth a Priority   Rio+20 Recap: The Promise of Action   Disaster Risk Reduction in Pacific Islands
Malnutrition in South Asia is the worst in the world (yes, worse than that of sub-Saharan Africa).   Caribbean youth will be a key aspect of an initiative to bring about change in the region's economies.   New energy around issues like natural capital accounting may be the most important outcome of Rio+ 20.   State-of-the-art risk models have been developed to assess the economic impact of natural disasters.
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Sewing Success: How Textile Jobs Help Reduce Poverty Sewing Success: How Textile Jobs Help
Reduce Poverty
"For millions of poor, unskilled workers, textile manufacturing is a gateway to start getting out of poverty."— Otaviano Canuto, June 13
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Zoellick to Join Harvard's Belfer Center, Peterson Institute

IMF and World Bank Announce More Than $4 Billion in Debt Relief for Côte d'Ivoire

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Experts estimate that only 50% of the languages alive today will be spoken by the year 2100. How to protect endangered languages? Google is tackling the challenge online. Watch this short video to learn more.
June 26, 2012
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Longreads is a new, regular feature on the World Bank blog highlighting development research and in-depth reporting. #longreads‬
June 25, 2012
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International Open Government Data Conference 2012 WORLD BANK LIVE
International Open Government Data Conference 2012
July 10-12, 2012, the World Bank Open Data Initiative and the Open Development Technology Alliance are joining forces to host the second International Open Government Data Conference.

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Have You Gone through Empire & Allies Secrets?

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Do you know that around 9.7 million had joined Empire & Allies in the first 10 days after its launch? That is an astonishing gain of 1,542%. It is leading the top 20 games on Facebook in growth and everyone is saying it is going to be the next CityVille, which had been the chartbuster in these 20 games with more than 90 million players. Looks like people can never have enough with this new game. All the Facebook members are totally excited with Empire & Allies. The reasons are quite simple. You are the king of your empire in this game. You make the decisions on the size of your empire and the economic growth of your empire. It is widely believed that this game is going to change the rules of games in Facebook. There is absolutely no doubt that Empire & Allies had been a huge hit!

Still, building your empire, constructing profitable structures like houses, cottages, huts, and governement buildings, mining the ores, cutting the woods, drilling for oil, and generating funds are not easy tasks. They are slow and painful proceses. If you are strugging in this game, it is purely a matter of not having sufficient funds in your hands. The ultimate aim in this game is to progress to highest levels, expand your empire, stop your opponents in their track, and accumulate enormous funds. In the lower levels, progressing can appear to be quite easy.

However, when you reach the higher levels, you'll find the going quite tough and it may take several days to progress to the next level. You'll have to gain increasing number of points as you rise from one level to another. There are several ways of achieving this. You can build more structures to enhance your rental income or you can generate more resources from ores, oil, and wood. Most players try to do everything at once. While this technique is not completely wrong, it is not the way to move up fast.

My recommendation is quite simple. Initially you concentrate on those items that improve your funds position and then take up other items. In Empire & Allies, funds generated are the most important step. You'll definitely face serious hurdles in this process. You'll find that your funds are getting depleted very fast when you create more forces to defend your empire. The secret is to request your allies to attend to unimportant chores, while you save your energy to focus on items that enhances your funds in a steady fashion. When you have more funds, you can expand your empire and fight your enemies better. You'll be moving up in levels pretty fast.

When you have adequate funds, it is easier to plan on the construction of new buildings and expansion of your fighting force. I admit that all this is going to take time but remember the old adage, 'Rome was not built in a day'. If you possess the Empire & Allies Secrets guide authored by Tony 'T Dub' Sanders, you are never going to struggle. You'll have the right techniques and strategies to move up the ladder with consummate ease.


Source 4 Foods Never To Eat

Do You Want to Join the Top Players of WoW? Read more here …

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You've seen them every day in World of Warcraft – the players whose characters seem to pull off impossible feats and do everything that they are supposed to far better than anyone else around them. There are the PvP enthusiasts whose characters can charge into a mass of enemy combatants and leave the field strewn with corpses behind them, while avoiding death with almost miraculous dexterity.
There are the tanks who can keep threat when thirty wild-eyed DPSers are unloading their whole arsenal onto a boss without any thought about aggro. There are the healers who keep their raid healed to the maximum through the most desperate fights without coming close to running out of mana. There are the hunters, rogues, mages, and shamans who top the damage charts and hit like a thunderstorm.
Now, with the arrival of IWinButtons – the most innovative, fresh, powerful guide that's hit the WoW scene since the release of the Cataclysm expansion – you can join these top players, and maybe even beat them at their own game!
Are you interested? You should be, because this is your opportunity to seize the chance to become one of the highest rated players of your server, a terror on the battlefield and a bulwark in the dungeon. This freshly released guide contains the secrets that are "hidden in plain sight", which will put you ahead of most other people in World of Warcraft, increasing your enjoyment of the game hugely!
How, you might ask, can one guide make such a huge difference in how your character performs in game? How can one collection of information, however well written, free your character from the mediocrity that burdens 95% of the toons in the game, and let you rocket into the top 5% in record time. Read on, and you will discover just how powerful, effective, and useful the IWinButtons guide really is – and how you can't afford to overlook the opportunity to get in on this guide NOW, and rise above being a speed bump for enemy PvP characters or the guy who is near the bottom of the charts on every raid group!
Macros and keybindings are two of the most powerful tools to boosting your character's performance into the stratosphere, but there's nothing in game to tell you how to use them. There's a vast body of knowledge out there, gathered by the top raiders and players of the world as they've worked out the macros that are best suited to producing victory in the shortest possible time.
IWinButtons gathers all the best of this macro and keybindings lore into one clear, value-laden package that spares you wading through endless reams of wacky, outdated, or just plain poor macros, and cuts to the chase – giving you the macros and keybindings that will turn your character into the hero you want them to be. There are tools here for every class and every spec, all tested to the utmost to make sure they deliver what you want and need – triumph in the most deadly dungeons and the most competitive arenas to be found in Azeroth today!


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An Alternative Approach to Treating a Stiff Neck

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A stiff neck is a condition that many will experience at some stage of their life. Stress, poor posture and injury are the most common causes. In the majority of cases the symptoms will ease with a gentle massage or a period of rest. However, for others a stiff neck becomes a daily concern leading to discomfort and inconvenience. If the condition persists it is advisable to get a thorough medical examination because a stiff neck may be the first sign of a serious illness.

If the stiffness is due to muscular tension the first course of action is generally painkillers. These should not be seen as a long-term solution as they will mask the problem and not address the cause. Massage, either self-administered, by a partner or professional, is another option. This does bring some much needed relief for the sufferer but again if the cause is not addressed this will only be temporary.

The most popular treatment is to prescribe neck exercises. The conventional view is muscle weakness or imbalance is the cause. Neck exercises will be given to the sufferer in an attempt to correct the perceived problem.

However, even this approach has its limitations and does not go far enough to address the root causes of a stiff neck. In my experience as teacher of movement and posture  the most useful course of action for a long-term sufferer is re-education. If there is a muscle imbalance or weakness, poor habits are usually the culprit. These habits can develop whilst compensating for an injury by holding the neck in the least painful position; long periods of sitting at desks or the common stress response of holding tension in the neck and shoulders. Once a habit is learnt it is difficult for the patient to do anything differently because the habit will feel right.

Exercises may make the condition worse because the patient will do the exercises with their poor habits. The best intentions of the therapist are undone once the patient returns home and performs the exercises unsupervised. Repetition of these exercises performed poorly will only re-enforce the bad habit.

Re-education involves taking the patient back the basics of movement. These movements will initially feel wrong because they are very different from their everyday feelings associated with turning their head or even just holding their neck. The tension has become a habit and they unknowingly hold this tension just to sit. Until the patient can relearn how their body can be naturally poised again all attempts to strengthen or rebalance muscles will complicate their existing habitual movement patterns.

In place of using exercise, a stiff neck sufferer can learn how to move and balance with less tension and condition their muscles by performing everyday tasks without the need to exercise. I have seen this approach work time and time again whilst conventional exercises have failed the individual.

Roy Palmer is a teacher of movement re-education and author of 7 Seconds to Pain Relief, secrets of lasting relief from back, neck & shoulder pain.  He has helped back pain
sufferers, sports people and performing artists over the last 12 years. He is also the author of three books on the subject of performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation for athletes.

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5 Critical Factors To Setting Up A Successful Soap Business

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Setting up a business is a very big step for a lot of people and it's not something that is easily done. There are a lot of factors to consider when setting up, and most of the time the investment in terms of time and dollars that you will be putting in is no joke. That is why devoting time and energy to researching your market is a critical step to making sure your business will flourish.

So how do you make sure that you have a market for your product, which in this case is home made soap? Or rather, how do you make sure that your product will fill a need of your target market?

Here are 5 points to keep in mind when you are doing your preliminary research.

1. Look out for trends. Watching out for trends can help you anticipate what people will want in the future. For example, if you observe that people are becoming more and more conscious of the need to save the environment, maybe you should start developing soap products that are environment friendly. Or if people are becoming even more health conscious, a line of antibacterial and energizing soap products would be a good way to take advantage of that trend.

2. Check out your competition. Another way to figure out what people want is to look at what's already selling. You can also try to find out what new products they'll be offering soon. This will give a good starting point to develop a product that is better or that carries a higher value proposition to your market.

3. Define Your Brand. In order to stand out and appear unique is to develop your own brand identity. Your brand identity is simply who you are and why you are different from everybody else. What will your products stand for? When defining your brand, look not only at the functionalities or physical properties that will differentiate your products, but also at the kind of emotional reaction you want your target market to have to your product. Also, look for the benefits that your target market values the most and let that guide you as to what kind of brand identity you should establish.

4. Focus on service. As more and more products become generic or easy to copy, your level of service becomes an important way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Do you make it easy for your customers to buy from you? Do you seek out their comments and actively look for ways to exceed their expectations? Will you offer extra services that will keep them coming back for you? These are the things you would want to define to help you succeed in selling your own soap products.

5. Leveraging on the internet and other "FREE" marketing mediums. When reaching your customers nowadays, it's not always necessary to start out with a brick and mortar store. You can leverage on the power of the internet to sell your products from the comfort of your home. Aside from lower set up costs and investment on your end, you also get access to an international audience or market for your soap products. Aside from using the internet, you could also explore the option of tying up with established merchants who can offer your product to their customers (for example party planners who can recommend your soap as a party favor). This is another way to start your business without too much risk on your part.

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He Did What!?

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Are you curious about what happened to a former classmate or acquaintance? There are a few web sites that you can use to contact that person again, but they are often not very reliable. The information on these sites is often very limited, and it is often woefully out of date. Add to this the expense of these web sites, and you are getting very little value for your money. is a new site that is designed to provide you with all the information you need in order to learn what has happened to a person from your past. In order to conduct a search, all you have to do is enter the person's first name, last, name, and the last state in which you knew they resided. This site is so sensitive that it allows you to search using a person's maiden name, and you will be provided with their current names. You will also be provided with any other names or alias that individual may have used over the years.
If you are interested in contacting that individual, will provide you with the current name and address of the individual. That allows you the freedom to decide if and when you want to contact that individual or not. If you are not interested in establishing contact, no one will ever know that you conducted a search on that individual. uses a comprehensive database of public records. While all of this information is open to the public, it is often difficult to collect all of this information. In many cities, you would have to spend hours traveling across the city to various public offices in order to obtain these records. However, can gather all of this data into one report in a short period of time. In fact, all of the information you need can be at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.
You can learn much more about the individual from your past than just their current name, address, and phone number. searches a variety of public records, allowing you to learn about any judgments filed against the individual, any tax liens filed on their home, if they have filed for bankruptcy, and their personal arrest record. In fact, you can use this information to help you decide if you want to contact this individual. After all, you do want to be certain that this is a safe person to invite back into your life before you open your home up to them or choose to establish contact. is the perfect site to help you find the people you have lost contact with over the years. It can also help you determine whether or not you should allow this person to become active in your life again. If you have any questions, can provide you with the answers you need.

Free Join To Online Investigations  Now


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How to Prevent Scarring

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There are a lot of myths and rumors out there when it comes to preventing scars. There are also a lot of conflicting opinions about proper scar prevention. So how do you know if you're doing the right thing? Doing the wrong things can make your wound heal much slower which will make your scar much worse. However, if you know how to prevent a scar the correct way, you'll enjoy scar-free skin later on. In many cases you can avoid scarring completely.

Here are some simple tips to follow after suffering from skin damage that can help you prevent a permanent scar:The Scar Solution

1) Limit hydrogen peroxide usage. After the initial skin damage, clean the wound with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide one time. That's it.  Repeatedly applying hydrogen peroxide to a wound will kill the newly forming skin cells and slow down the healing process. It may seem that you are doing good when it starts to bubble up, but you're killing skin cells along with the bacteria. This will prolong the healing process and make your scar much worse in the end. Clean the wound once with hydrogen peroxide, then apply an antibacterial ointment afterward. Neosporin will keep the wound moist and clean, giving it the perfect environment to heal in.

2) Keep it covered. Many people will tell you to let a cut breathe. This is actually wrong and should NOT be done. During the initial healing stage, you will want to keep the wound covered in an antibacterial ointment as often as possible. Keeping the wound moist and clean is the optimal healing environment. Scabs are meant to cover a wound as quickly as possible, but often leave lots of scar tissue behind.  They are meant for speed, not accuracy.  Instead, make your own barrier with an antibacterial and let the wound heal in a more optimal environment.

3) Sunblock. One very simple thing that many people fail to realize about fresh scars is that they are very sensitive to sunlight. Scar tissue and fresh skin burns much faster than regular skin and will ultimately become discolored and red. Letting a scar get exposed to the sun will cause it to turn very red and it will ultimately become hyperpigmented.  This makes the scar much more visible.

There are many more important scar prevention techniques that can keep you scar-free after skin damage. Proper early scar treatment can shorten healing time and make scars much less noticeable. If you're already beyond this point, don't despair, you can still get rid of scars at any age with the proper treatment program.  Natural scar removal is very possible, but preventing it in the first place is even better.

For more information on scar prevention and natural scar removal, check out The Scar Solution.  It's the most effective scar removal product currently available.  It's all natural and results are guaranteed!

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Parents: Issues You May Face When Your Child Has Eczema

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If your child was recently diagnosed with eczema, also commonly known as atopic dermatitis, you have a long road ahead.  Although eczema is easily treated at home, there are many hard issues that you, as a parent, will face.

Nighttime Itching

You might assume that nighttime itching is the same as daytime itching for children with eczema, but it can be very different, especially in small children.  Although they do not fully understand the complications that can arise from constant scratching, children are aware of their actions during the day.  On the other hand, many small children continue to scratch in the middle of the night, without even being aware of their actions. This type of eczema is difficult to treat, as you cannot spend every night grabbing your child's arm before they itch.

To combat the nighttime itching that is common among children with eczema, look for doable alternatives.  If dust is a trigger factor, keep your child's room clean and dust-free.  If sweat is a trigger factor, dress them in light clothes and keep their room a cool temperature.  If you don't know the cause, try to keep areas susceptible to itching, such as the arms and legs, covered.


An eczema outbreak starts out relatively pain free.  It typically begins with a simple itch that can't stop.  Soon, your child may find themselves literally digging at their skin.  They mistakenly believe this will make the itch go away, but it doesn't and it only gets worse.  Severe rashes and the open wounds caused by constant scratching can lead to pain and discomfort.  No parent wants to see their child in pain. That is why you must stop it at the source.  Work with your child and his or her doctor to determine your child's trigger factors.  These are what cause the uncontrollable urge to itch.  In the meantime, keep your child's skin well moisturized.

Concern from Other Parents

Although eczema and atopic dermatitis are common among small children, you are likely to get many stares on the playground.  This is most common if your child's eczema rashes can be seen by other parents.  Although you should keep your child's open wounds covered to prevent infection, don't just cover them to please others.

"Is eczema contagious?"  That is a common question that many parents may ask.  Unfortunately, some parents don't even ask, they may automatically assume it is.  You and your child owe no one an explication, as eczema is nothing but an inflammation of the skin.  However, you may want to spread the word.  As heartbreaking as it is to see other parents and kids point out your child's eczema rash, it is a normal reaction that most don't know how to avoid.

These are just a few of the issues you may face as the parent of a child with eczema.  Since your child is young and does not fully understand their skin condition, you must work with them to seek relief.

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Plus Size Lingerie: The New Line of Sexy

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A woman's closet would be incomplete if it lacks her favorite lingerie. Lingerie for most women spells out fun, sexy and nice. For some, it is even worth spending some extra dollars for.

However, frustrations come from plus size women because they feel lingerie is something not for them. For some of them lingerie shopping may seem hard. Reality is shopping for lingerie is not as easy as picking a kilo of salt in the supermarket, for a woman of any size. Eighty-five percent of women do not wear the right bra size for their body.

For plus size women, this problem is more emphasized. Have your bra size measured when going to a lingerie store so that you would be sure you are wearing the bra with the right cup size and length of the strap. Furthermore, bring some of your tops that differ in their fit in you to try them on over your bra.

NOTE: An ill-fitting bra could make you look heavier or fatter. Consider the fit of the underband, cup and length of the strap. The underband shold support your breasts. The cup should be the right fit. The length of the strap should be appropriate for your body's shape and not exert any pressure on your breasts.

Bras with underwire provide the best support, especially for women with big breasts. However, this seems uncomfortable sometimes. Thus, look for a bra with a flat and paddedd underwire.

It is important to wear good bras because bad bras may cause tearing of breast tissue. This would cause the sagging of your breasts. Thus, buy bras, which provide good support for your breasts.

Other types of underwear have also been tailored for the plus size woman. A perfect ten body is not needed to get a way with wearing sexy lingerie. Usually, an average plus size woman would also have sexy curves other than the bulges she notices. Choosing the right lingerie would hide the bulges and emphasize the curves at the right places.

There are many online retailers hat cater to plus size women. If you're embarrassed to shop for lingerie in the mall, there are many choices online. Retailers provide size charts and guides on how to measure so that the lingeire you're ordering would be the perfect fit.

The advent of plus size fashion has made shopping for these women easier. More stores have expanded their size range. Furthermore, more labels now cater to plus size women. Plus size lingerie does not escape this trend. Lingerie for these women has been designed to fit their very need.

Plus size lingerie has been tailored to emphasize the woman's best features. This line for full figured bodies usually includes corsets and bustiers that stress the stunning curves of the women. Another plus factor of the world of the plus size lingerie is that designers made the materials that still looks sleek, lacy and dellicate and at the same time would still provide the best support and is still comfortable.

A good store would provide suggestions on what particular type of lingerie would best suit the client's body type.

Lingeire makes a woman feel that she is more sensual, sultry and sexy. It even boosts self-confidence for some. No longer does beautiful, gorgeous, or sexy pertain to only the skinny people. Plus size women have defied the social norms and created the look that would suit their body type.


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What’s So Special About Cafe World Gifts?

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If you're familiar with some of the other social networking games out there, you've probably come across the practice of giving free gifts to your neighbors and receiving gifts from them. These gifts are generally items that you could buy yourself. But of course, it's always nice to get things for free. In Cafe World though, the gifts you give and receive break from this mold in several ways. They may actually be more important to your success in Cafe World than they are in any other social networking game that fits this same general mold, so don't be too quick to write them off just yet.

Unpurchaseable Merchandise

All of the items that can be gifted in Cafe World cannot be acquired any other way, and they give you a distinct advantage. These mysterious drinks actually consist of drinks, appetizers, and cookies, but when you serve them to your customers, you get extra coins for each customer in your cafe at the time they're served. For this reason, it's a big help to have a lot of gifts on hand, but to get a lot of gifts, you've got to have a lot of neighbors. Each of your neighbors will be limited on how many gifts they can send you within a certain time period, so the more neighbors you have, the more gifts you'll be able to accumulate.

Give to Receive

Of course, you can't just expect your friends to keep sending you gifts at the earliest possible opportunity on a regular basis. They need to be getting something out of the deal, and they also may just need to be reminded once in a while. That's why the best thing you can do if you want to get a lot of gifts is to give a lot of gifts. This is the easiest way to both remind your friends to send one your way and to put them in the mood to do it. And that way, you both benefit.

Don't Squander Your Gifts

The benefit you get from the gifts you receive will depend greatly on when you choose to use them. For instance, the chocolate chunk cookies will get you 5 coins per customer, but those customers have to be seated in your cafe when you use your gift for you to get the bonus for them. That means that if you use your cookies when there are only 4 customers eating in your cafe, you'll get 20 coins total from that gift. If you want until there are 10 customers seated at once, however, you'll make 50 coins off of the exact same gift.

These details make it easy to see that, not only are gifts very important to the ultimate success of your cafe, but that you actually have a lot of control over how many you receive and how much of a benefit you get out of them. It's easy to just write off things like gifts as nice bonuses to get, but aspects of the game that are of secondary importance. If you want to get ahead in Cafe World though, you'd be wise to think of gifts a little differently in this context.


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Using Photoshop to Whiten Teeth and Eyes

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Photoshop is the dream machine for all photo enhancers and designers. Not only can you make any portrait look perfect, you can do it easily and convincingly… once you know how.

This article will show you, for example, how to whiten teeth and eyes using Photoshop. Some of the more complicated techniques will be over the head for the novice, but you'll be able to follow most of it. So drag a portrait into whatever Photoshop program you have, and let's get started:

It's always a good idea to make a new layer, an exact duplicate, of your photo before you ever start the enhancement process. That way, if you decide you need to undo several steps, you'll always be able to quickly undo.

Click "Layer" in the horizontal menu bar, click "Duplicate Layer," then click "Ok." Onward to the teeth-whitening.

The easiest way to make teeth whiter in a photo is with your Dodge Tool. (Among your tool icons, it's the 7th down on the right hand column. If you don't see it there, right click on the icon and you'll find two hidden choices; one will be your Dodge Tool.)

On the horizontal Tool Options Bar under the Menu, choose "Midtones" for Range, and 40% for Exposure. Also on the Tool Options Bar, choose the appropriate brush for this particular retouching job.

Use your Magnifying Glass Icon in Tools to zoom in to the area you want to affect. Then run your brush over the teeth you want to whiten several times, slowly, without releasing your mouse.

If you find that the Dodge tool whitened too much, you can either click "Edit," then "Step Backward," (to start over), or "Edit", then "Fade Dodge Tool," which will allow you to fade the whitening enhancement to your exact preference.

The Dodge tool can also be used to whiten the whites of the eyes, and, in general for anything you want to lighten. Used with discretion, it's quite a handy tool.

In Photoshop, there are always a number of methods to accomplish the same thing. Another way to whiten teeth would be the following:

Select the teet with your Lasso tool icon, (second down on the left in your Tools). Then click on Image in your Menu, Adjustments, and Curves. Make sure the Channel box says RGB. Then, with your mouse, pick up the top right-hand corner of the box and drag the line over to the left. You will be able to watch the whitening process as you go.

You can use the Curves tool to change color on any given selection, too.

Photoshop is such a powerful program that it behooves any serious photographer to get familiar with at least the basics.

Happy enhancing!

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The Rise Of Women’s Perfume

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Since the beginnings of perfume in ancient Egypt, perfume has been the accessory of choice for women who wish to add another level to their appeal. Cleopatra and Nefertiti clearly understood the power of a beautiful scent; their frequent use of fragrance reflected a reverence by their society at large; perfume was used throughout the ancient cultures of Egypt before being adopted by Greek and Roman cultures.

Such ancient cultures used the oils infused with the scent of burnt wood, spices, and aromatics as a part of their bathing rituals and religious ceremonies; but its eventual popularity in Europe truly sparked the modern woman's love affair with perfume. Since this time, women's perfume has continued to grow in popularity as manufacturers keep pace by introducing new designer and brand name fragrances to the market every year.

Perfume initially came to Europe somewhere around the 12th century by way of the Arabs who brought scents as part of trade of the day; but its popularity peaked in the 18th century in the French court of Louis XV who delighted in fragrance so much that he demanded a different scent everyday.

The application of perfume at that time – to the body as well as to the home – was largely to cover body odor that stemmed from infrequent bathing. It is no wonder, with his frequent use of fragrance that Louis XV's court came to be known as the le cour parfumme (the perfumed court). From that time, fragrance continued to gain popularity in France.

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the first women of the time to champion women's perfume. The Queen demanded only pleasant scents and a variety of fragrances were designed to please her; women of the time followed suit, elevating perfume to a level of creativity in which people felt comfortable to experiment. The popularity of perfume continued to reign in France – even through The French revolution and beyond – as well as in Europe as a whole. Before long, chemical advancements were made in the world of perfume in which systems were implemented that are still in use today. To this day, France holds the title of largest manufacturer of perfume in the world.

In the United States, the advent of the department store can be held largely responsible for the popularity of perfume. The early 1920s saw an influx of popular fragrance to the marketplace. Most notably was the creation of Chanel No. 5 in 1921 – a classic fragrance that would go on to be the one of the most famous women's perfume in the world. New scents were added to the shelves every year and were reflective of the women of each particular time period.

Today, women's perfume comes in a variety of scents – and in beautiful bottles to match. While perfume of all prices and quality can be found in high-department stores, there are also a multitude of online stores where women can shop for their favorite fragrances at often more affordable prices. And in the name of convenience, your purchase will be shipped straight to your door.

Women's perfume will undoubtedly continue to evolve over the years to keep pace with changing styles. But no matter which perfume you choose make sure that complements your personality and fosters your personal style.


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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

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Tinnitus retraining therapy, or TRT, is a possible treatment option for those suffering from tinnitus. It was first used in the late 1980's by Pawel Jastreboff, a neurophysiologist as a way to reduce tinnitus symptoms. It has now become a wide spread treatment method. It uses counseling to help a patient understand why their tinnitus means and how they can deal with their symptoms.

Part of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is to utilize tinnitus maskers to drown out the ringing of tinnitus. Tinnitus maskers are usually a low level broadband noise such as white noise that are of the same frequency of the tinnitus. Maskers can come in a variety of frequencies as well nature sounds, so there is something that should work for any sufferer. Maskers are useful in any situation where the ringing makes it difficult to focus or concentrate, but they are especially effective in quiet environments, like at night when trying to fall asleep. A masker can come in a small device that is like a hearing aid so that it can go anywhere with you. It is also commonly an audio file that can be played on a stereo or MP3 player.

During TRT, both ear, nose, and throat specialists as well as audiologists work to teach tinnitus sufferers how to cope with their tinnitus. Therapy is important because it allows a tinnitus sufferer to talk to someone about what they are going through. Tinnitus can often make a person feel alone in their condition. Talking with someone who understands what they are going through can be a huge help. During your retraining therapy, it might even be suggested that you join a tinnitus support group where you can talk with others who are going through the same thing you are. If a support group doesn't sound right for you, there are also numerous online forums that provide the same sort of support.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is a great option for anyone struggling to manage their tinnitus. It combines some of the most effective treatments, maskers and therapy, to help a tinnitus sufferer learn to manage their condition. It can be customized with the tinnitus masker of your choice and the therapy option you are most comfortable with.

One of the newer (and more effective) solutions for tinnitus that has come to surface is called Goodbye Tinnitus. This program is completely accessed online. It includes an easy to read ebook that explains everything there is to know about tinnitus. Not only are the necessary basics covered, but also all the known (an not so well known) treatment options available. The main solution discussed in this ebook is a unique 4-step treatment plan. This specific plan addresses tinnitus at its core, and from every aspect, making relief much easier to achieve compared to the typical solutions found elsewhere. Also included are dozens of tinnitus maskers, ranging from specialized noise frequencies, nature sounds, and man made sounds. From our research, Goodbye Tinnitus seems to be the most effective solution available. No other solution fights tinnitus in such a complex, yet simple and effective manner.

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